High School DxD season 4

Original name: ハイスクールD×D
Country: Japan
Director: Yanagisawa Tetsuya
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

What is the purpose in life 17-year-old Japanese student Issei Hёdo? He knows very well what he wants. It is for his purpose, he enters the formerly female academy coma. The young man at his naivete hoped that in a lack of co-education of boys when he will be the only boy among the girls and get their attention. However, despite the fact that there is a second year of training, the girls are in no hurry to bring to his Hёdo and his friends - they are looking for attention beautiful boys, while the young man with friends has to make every attempt in any way to get closer to their classmates. About Queen Rias Gremory school boys can only dream of. Soon, however, prayer Issei heard - he goes on a date with a girl. What was his shock when on the first date in his stomach stabbed two feet of steel. Saviour boys became none other than the queen of the school, is Princess demons. After such a shocking start, the hero of the film itself becomes a demon and a vassal of the famous Rias Gremory, which consequently gave him the right to become a member of the combat detachment Gremory family, hiding under the guise of school club occult sciences. The enemies - the fallen angels, are no different from all the villains, their goal - to seize power in a dark world. What the young man needed a superstrong two warring parties? Why become a stumbling block? Of course the secret lies in the superpower, which has a main character, confident, in turn, that he is worthy of high rank Japan - King harem.

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2016-03-21 17:30:24

kapan keluar nya om


2016-03-27 10:34:58

release now

Micheal's father

2016-11-22 00:39:10

Shut up, stupid son.

That guy

2017-08-20 23:37:50

Micheal's father if I could upvote that comment , I would do it a million times.

Micheal's Grandfather

2017-09-22 06:12:08

How dare you be rude to my grandchild

2016-04-03 23:40:26

Does anyone know when HighSchool DxD season 4 release date actually is coming out it making me mad that people are saying oh it will come in 2017 or it will come sometime in april or somewhere in summer


2016-07-25 14:09:42

he will fight with sairorge in rating game


2016-07-25 14:11:34

he also put in a test for a good future husband for Rias he might learn some new moves


2017-02-08 21:49:31

am i the only one who ships them?


2017-04-22 12:56:06

new moves in touching boobs


2016-09-04 22:49:31

No release stated until now

Kawian guy

2016-10-15 07:01:06

It is making me mad to bro

Sriaz Hudou

2016-10-16 20:57:17

Really?? Because its making me cry


2016-11-07 02:59:48

Last month at the comic con in Japan they said 2017 mid year which means March or june.......... And it will be about isei kids from the future vs loki and dragons from another world this is where there are taking it from https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=High_School_DxD_EX_Chapter_1


2017-03-14 20:31:40

So they going for the non cannon story


2017-01-11 17:24:39

Don't no about high school dxd season 4 come out then but attack on Titan season 2 come out April 2017


2017-04-04 04:25:36

It comes out tomorrow april 4th idk what exact time though I just got done watching all high school dxd


2017-06-29 16:36:48

yeah they said that is will be released in august dont know the exact date


2017-10-06 03:48:55

It will come out in 2018 most likely. :(

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-04-03 23:42:20

Does anyone know when HighSchool DxD season 4 release date actually is coming out it is making me mad that people are saying oh it will come in 2017 or somewhere in april or its coming in summer


2016-04-10 18:05:19

No one knows when its going to be released because the release has not been officially confirmed yet...but i am still hoping to see a new season because its my most favourite anime...i have seen each episodes of tree seasons like a hundred times but it does not get boring at all...but its been far too long so now i am thinking there is not be a season 4 which is a very sad news for a highschool dxd lover........


2016-07-27 20:26:23

Actually its been about 1 year since the release of the second season


2016-09-05 20:27:47

Fuck noooooo!!!!!!!! If there isnt a season 4 i will be FUCKING!!!!! Depressed!!!!!!!


2016-09-25 08:27:50

depressed haha ill go mad


2016-09-29 22:18:55

Season 4 has been confirmed. But the release date hasn't.


2017-01-02 08:12:46

well the release has been confirmed for mid 2017 meaning this june


2017-01-02 08:09:04

2017 june sometime around then

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-04-04 12:22:23

Is it not if we take part in the voting for HighSchool DxD season 4 it will come out or be confirmed thats what it says for SAO season 3

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-04-16 09:28:28

It would make Sence if there was a season 4 because vali said he wants to destroy big red and on season 3 there was too much cliffhangers to be un noticed


2016-05-28 23:28:34

another reason is vali and issei hasn't fought yet and orphis just came into the show and issei can't undress girls with his mind


2016-04-24 10:28:09

best anime i have ever watched hope theres actually a fourth season!!


2016-04-25 09:55:26

Read the light novel , dude


2016-04-24 15:42:07

i hope dxd season 4 release june 2016


2016-04-30 21:06:03


HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-05-01 21:55:29

What do you mean really we want HighSchool DxD season 4 out as fast as possible and summer is our beast bet

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-04-30 23:06:09

I hope HighSchool DxD Season 4 comes out in the summer two

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-05-02 14:51:24

Everyone please vote for this anime called Absalute Duo its allot like HighSchool DxD and it deserves a Second Season


2016-05-03 22:04:54

its does i really like it


2016-05-03 22:05:01

its does i really like it


2016-08-23 23:31:05

I love the anime and also think it deserves a second series


2016-12-22 09:46:46



2016-05-24 08:16:50

Plz release soon I love the show I would like to know when it will be I hope now

Issei 2.0

2016-06-04 23:24:50

u r Issei. im just a phony


2016-07-11 07:20:33

Then what about me :(

Issei's son

2017-08-20 14:20:11

Father (LOL)


2016-05-30 08:13:19

So sad but also so frustraited im a huge fan of the great anime series of high scool dxd but people are constantly saying so many different release dates such as 2015, or the beginning of 2016, and then the summer of 2016, and after that they sayed any time between late 2016 all the way to mid 2017, and now some people are saying they dont even know when its coming out. But people please, after so long you cant help but wander will there ever even be a season 4 for highschool dxd, i mean, they havent even given the fans a definite yes or no. Well im still hoping for a 4th season, but im also prepairing for the worst case senario, sadly.8( ... ps what a cruel world!


2016-06-04 07:29:30

"Spring 2016 (Rumored)", yeah, might wanna change that since it is Summer 2016 atm and it still has yet to be announced. At earliest it will be Fall 2016 since such a big name would normally have announced a sequel by now if they planned to make it Summer 2016, but since they haven't and there is around a week before the deadline of when they should announce it while still getting optimal sales rates from hype, it's safe to say it will be at a later date.


2016-07-21 16:20:02

Got to be more. He's got so many birds to get it off with.

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-07-22 08:42:23

Well were forgetting guys that HS DxD season 3 only came out in 2015 and basically everyone around the world are putting pressure on them to release a 4 season theres no rush and it also says its still to be confirmed so yeah its going to take a while and also where forgetting its one of the most popular animes out there so it will take time we are going to have to be patient but i do believe that there will be a season 4 because look theres to much info left behind and cliff-hangers so yeah just keep our hopes up it hurts me as much as it hurts you because im a huge HighSchool DxD fan no Lover its in the name but im dying for the season 4 thats all i have to say.

DXD fan

2016-07-25 14:02:29

yeah i can wait for the next season it will be cool for sure issei will fight against sairorg in the rating game


2016-07-25 14:08:32

issei will fight against sairorge in a rating game and he will be put under a test weather he is a good future husband for Rias


2016-07-29 09:04:18

Ra phim nhanh đi máy ba ? ]


2016-07-29 19:32:21

I'm still waiting for season 4. Apparently supposed to be this summer . What do you think ?

HighSchool DxD biggest fan_lover

2016-07-30 22:06:06

I dont think in the same way, I bet maybe in early 2017, despite them have good sales of LN, an average of 50k to 60k by each volume, is not a hit sales but it is a sales success. They made the anime just to advertise the original work, the LN, and unfortunately the DVD and blu ray disc sales only cover the anime production costs. But yes, I deeply believe that there will be a fourth season and I really want this to see more seasons of DxD on the screen, they have a lot of work to adapt and I really love this Anime, its my favourite one. The first season was a best seller, the second season had good sales, but the third unfortunately did not have the same result.

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-08-04 16:49:04

Trust me bro there will be a DxD season 4 but we just need to be patient and wait until the later dates

HighSchool DxD biggest fan_lover

2016-08-04 18:17:13

Truth, however we are already in the final stretch of the announcement of anime that will come in the fall and yet there is still no news, so I believe it is in 2017, so far have "only" spent a year and a half, but I believe it will come to season 4. I am waiting with my heart full of hope.


2016-07-31 09:56:42

thanks gan buat motivasinya

Kill yourself

2016-08-08 12:40:22

Kill yourself you fucking weaboos, I like the show to but I'm not sitting hear with my dick in my hand complaining that the forth season isn't out yet. They spat out the second and third season out instantly so calm your titts and take a deep breath. Ya Fuckin Retard.


2016-08-14 17:53:46

laidies, laidies, calm yo titties, just wait until next april, HighSchool DxD Young is supposed to start then かのんの着ボイスは着信音、通知音、アラーム音等に使える無料着ボイスアプリです。 今、話題沸騰の妹系目覚ましアプリ「なでなで目覚まし。かのん」に登場する かのんちゃんの声がAndroid携帯の着信音になります♪ 妹好きの


2016-08-20 04:08:37

How do you know it will be next april?

Love High School DXD

2016-08-16 18:14:47

When It will have season 4 ?

HighSchool DxD biggest fan_lover

2016-08-17 13:58:07

Unfortunately they have not yet announced, but what I can say is that TNK, the studio accept responsibility for animation and creation of anime, is currently working on another anime. So in my point of view, this can take some time.


2016-08-20 03:43:26

A new ova was released 02/12/2016 so i think we can take this as a sign of things to come.

HighSchool DxD biggest fan_lover

2016-08-22 13:01:45

2015 you mean xD


2016-08-30 15:40:44

no it was released in 2015

High School Dxd Fun

2016-08-21 12:52:18

Pls... Release immidiately the season 4 this summer with exact date anouncement I love Dxd


2016-08-29 15:18:17

we want releaaasssseeeeeeee


2016-09-02 09:37:49

hurry up


2016-09-03 18:33:03

Release It! please! its been a long time :( i always watching HSDxD When i missing all the characters. :( grant our wish Please

2016-09-04 17:53:42

Just like the testament of sister new devil/Shinmai Maou no Testament many want third season of it it would be great and also be great resived a 4th season of this anime but shinmai maou it will be announced thos year while i still don't know when dxd will be announced well i think it will be worth a wait when this will be announced what can we expect from these two look a like pervs ( issei and basara)


2016-09-06 01:42:40

stop saying stupid things just to get people's attention if you do not have information, you should keep quiet


2016-09-06 02:11:00

High school dxd es lo mejor


2016-09-06 02:11:04

High school dxd es lo mejor


2016-09-06 02:11:04

High school dxd es lo mejor


2016-09-08 09:34:37

Yes exactly, season 3 left way to many cliffhangers but I was watching a video on YouTube earlier that had a bunch of crazy rumors about season 4 that mad no sence at all.


2016-09-27 16:12:12

you could see in www1.animeland.tv go here


2016-09-27 16:18:26

you should watch at www1.animeland.tv


2016-09-09 17:05:20

Lets go faster


2016-09-18 17:11:23

Is the season 4 coming out for sure like 100%?! please convey that information


2016-09-27 16:09:49

when will high school DxD season 4 release in which date


2016-10-03 12:50:39

i love your animation


2016-10-05 03:09:50

season 4 should be coming soon for all the other seasons it took a year or two for the next one to come out so it should be soon

dedi setiawan

2016-10-07 05:01:17

kapan keluarnya???


2016-10-17 16:40:42

Highschool dxd season 4 the best anime for me and family


2016-10-24 17:29:07

If your all that curious read the light novels it gices more detail and is already at book 21


2016-10-25 13:35:52

Dear all, High-school DxD season 4 will be released on May 2017 (see the link below): http://waitwith.us/high-school-dxd-season-4-2225/ Enjoy!


2016-10-29 19:36:12

The release is in summer 2017, atleast that is what i heard.


2016-10-30 21:57:07

i cant wait this anime!!!!i want watching this anime


2016-10-31 02:34:03

they need to update this man when is it coming out


2016-10-31 02:36:01

its almost 2018 man

season 4 pls

2016-11-08 03:17:36

there better be a season 4 i wanna see issei fight vali


2016-12-08 12:04:53

WTF! ive watched season 4 in youtube! and now im waiting for season 5

Dxd leave it to me

2017-01-04 02:46:48

I can't wait for seoson 4 oh jeese notify me immediately

Kiba Yuuto

2017-01-28 08:17:26

i want the season four!!!!!


2017-02-01 17:10:35

this is getting irritating now! release already !!!!!!!


2017-02-11 16:40:52

ohh yeah!!!


2017-02-12 11:24:35

on april 4


2017-03-12 08:13:51

Best news ever! I literally had a couple of tears stroll down the side of my face from pure joy!!! :D


2017-03-12 08:17:57

No offense to anyone, but I had to check the date for April Fools and make sure this wasn't a joke lol. If anyone else was or is thinking the same thing. April Fools is on April 1st :)


2017-03-13 12:17:51

Thanks you so much for season 4 I hope season 4 is good

Yuto Akasama

2017-03-14 15:43:48

Cum out nowwwwwwwwwwwwww....I need it!!!!!!!!


2017-03-16 01:17:41

So long awaited: D, but almost XD


2017-03-22 16:56:50

I think this is fake bc I checked online and I don't see on any site that it says that the release date will be on april 4th. On the other website's and facebook page it says "No date has been confirmed yet, we'll post it to the page as soon as one is given." Obvisouly I hope that it will be released on April 4th but I have my doubts


2017-03-25 12:01:46

I got say that boob's are the best thing ever(LOL)


2017-04-04 15:34:15

where can i watch now? you said its out today?


2017-04-05 02:01:57

Link to see the episode?


2017-04-05 21:41:29

It's already April 5th wasn't this supposed to come out yesterday ...


2017-04-05 21:45:21

Well it's April 5th and there has been no announcement of Season 4 of High School DxD


2017-04-06 00:23:54

Its April 5th already ... where the episodes at


2017-04-06 05:26:32

Issei's last name is Hyodo get the spelling right


2017-04-06 07:02:45

It hasn't been released yet?


2017-04-06 07:10:09

It wasn't released?


2017-04-07 03:28:16

no episode out yet, you put the wrong date maybe...


2017-04-14 05:58:03

4 april 2017 but not of this year...


2017-04-19 22:42:25

Would it be in English dubbed


2017-05-14 02:39:34

But that date already passed :(


2017-05-23 21:27:38



2017-06-05 17:54:57

well where is the new season they say April 4, 2017 and here it is May, are they ever going to release the new season?


2017-06-14 00:26:34

High School DxD season 4 is not coming like outer animes ;(

The one and only Vincent

2017-07-09 04:24:54

Anyone know when it is coming out dubbed??? It is already July 8 2017.....


2017-08-13 05:49:58

bunch a perverts GO TO YOUR ROOMS or ill give ya 1000 spankings


2017-09-09 17:00:39

it´s suppose to be released in the beginning of fall


2017-11-20 11:43:28

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Soooooo when is this going to be released? 04-04-2017 came and went and no Season 4 came out

Micheal's Great GrandFather

2018-03-14 23:31:47


Xbox add me XxKAL1NAxX

2018-03-17 23:27:52

i think they meant April 4th 2018
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