Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma season 3

Original name: 食戟のソーマ
Country: Japan
Director: Yoshitomo Yonetani
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

At this point it is unknown the exact date of release of the third season of the series Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. The fact that the different sites you can find a variety of information on the matter, but in any case the series should not wait until the fall of 2016.

The focus of the audience of this anime is a Japanese boy, whose name Yukihira Soma. He has always dreamed of becoming a famous chef and surpass his illustrious father. But his dream did not come true, as the father of a Man for some reason closed the restaurant and moved to America.

But Yukihira determined not to give up: he decides to enroll in an elite culinary school. According to statistics, only 10% of successful students is available from the school. It becomes a kind of challenge to the culinary talents and abilities of the protagonist. What will be next? Will Yukihira succeed and complete their training with dignity?

The third season of Japanese anime will be interesting and tell a lot of exciting. In addition, the new season viewers will get the answers to their questions and find the continuation of the story. On our site you will be able to even more information about the third season of the story.

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2016-09-17 20:59:56

The 13th Episode of Season 2 is Where Yukihira will work in a restaraunt But that's not how it should end. His Father hasn't come to his school yet to meet the Gods Tongue , Soma hasn't finished the school yet etc , I hope there will be 24 Episodes in 3rd Season Of Food Wars!

Alseif Ryu97

2016-09-19 02:18:56

I also thinks so


2016-09-24 17:44:49

Sad reality is that there isn't enough material in the manga to make another season. The next arc after the stagiare kind of flows right into another arc and that one is yet to be finished or even close to finish. If they decide to greenlight it regardless, it will most likely end in a cliffhanger with another long waiting period. Sorry to be a buzz kill! However, if you're interested, the manga continues on chapter 117 from where the anime left off.


2016-09-25 04:36:20

Can you give me a link to the manga??


2016-09-25 19:51:15 or google mangareader.


2016-09-28 00:57:49

Suck a dick nigga


2016-09-25 10:27:17

There is good news though, due to the fact that Shokugeki no Sōma is very popular, unless something happens (Like the Author dying) it is very likely that when the manga gets a little further ahead, they will release another season. It will take a long time. But it's better than never having a proper ending like alot of great discontinued manga/anime.


2016-10-02 23:46:45

Yeah, they could kinda do another season next year. But that would be last season, because they wouldnt have any material left after that.


2016-10-13 05:08:02

Eh, I kinda disagree with this but kinda dont. I mean, to date, we have 68 Chapters of the manga that are untouched by the anime. This is most likely enough to make a 13 episode series, and if they wanted to, they could have a new season ready/close to ready by the end of 2017, assuming that they havent started on it. I think that in maybe a year, give or take a few months, we will have enough content for a full season, and the Promotion Arc will most likely be done with. From there, it would probably be another year before they start to get episodes out. So for my prediction, if they are making a shorter season, we it will probably be somewhere close to finished by the end of 2017, and if they plan on making a full season, I would say plan on somewhere closer to 2018. I genuinely believe that they are going to make a 3rd Season. Food Wars is super popular internationally, and unless something awful happens (Highschool of the Dead, Kokoro Connect), I am almost positive that we will get another season!


2016-10-23 11:04:41

i hope they can release the erd season asap


2016-11-09 08:21:08

Man but when reading the manga it just hurts that you have to wait weekly for a new chapter


2016-09-24 18:23:57

i don't think so though because in episode 12, they said that the next episode (eps 13) was going to be the last one (for season 2) but i also wish that there will be 24 eps :((((


2016-10-08 12:50:01

I know right I'm really sad cuz of that


2016-09-24 18:51:16

That's not how the 13th episode ended, he went back to school after coming back from Shino's Tokyo for his Staigiare and he had a bunch of Shokugekis to do. It ended with him saying he'd accept anyone's challenge.


2016-09-24 20:23:19

That was the end of the stagiare ARCH


2016-09-25 07:56:31

he did say it at the very end of the episode...

2016-10-04 14:28:21

Watch the whole episode, it was just like in the manga.


2016-09-25 00:36:12

Actually yukihiras father has known the gods tongue for quite sometime before he disappeared to open his diner with his son yukihira


2016-09-25 19:58:26

He meant that he hasn't come back to see her and her finding out that he's Yukihira's father, which would be traumatizing for Erina and funny to watch ^^


2016-10-11 20:53:04

You mean traumatize her even more?


2016-09-26 07:25:47

His father has met Erina, she even has a picture of them together. What you meant is that she has not met him as Yukihira's Father, she only knows him as a family friend and crush.


2016-09-28 02:14:41

why spoil because you read manga? i hope you die of cancer just like youre dad did


2016-09-29 00:50:04

This was actually in the fucking Anime you retard XD

you dumbass

2016-09-29 01:59:34

are you stupid, its in the anime fucking degenerate


2016-11-08 09:12:14

Everything he told you is part of the ANIME series ... nothing related to manga and you are a piss of shit of a person the scum of scums " I hope you die of cancer just like your dad did " Are you fucking retarded or brain dead chose on !. Cancer is not something to joke about you low life scum


2016-09-29 05:57:03

I also agree with it man


2016-10-19 01:25:17

The gods tounge knows somas father so why does he have to meet her if they already met


2016-11-10 04:07:52

it's not to meet him, but to find out that Soma is Joichiro's son. And to see her reaction knowing that the boy she hates so much was trained by the chef she idolized most. XD it will be hilarious


2017-04-18 12:22:58

As far as what I've seen in the anime ( I haven't read the manga so I can't say for certain), it's seems like she doesn't necessarily hate him as much as she isn't willing to admit to herself or anyone else that she may, at the very least, like yukihira's cooking among possibly other things, as you can tell whenever yukihira is nearby her she acts like a tsundere type does in other anime.


2016-10-28 09:35:10

Thats why we DEMAND Season 3.


2016-11-14 13:33:27

what soma is doing in the 13th episode is only practical training program the stagiaire and he's not yet living the school


2016-12-05 06:28:58

You are just impatient the main story is about him surpassing his fathers cooking anyway. Season 2 ended perfectly with the growth of his cooking skills by working in the high class restaurant.


2016-09-24 21:03:53

Love love love!!!!


2016-09-24 22:58:22

I love the concept of food Wars please make it have a season 3 it's a hit they could make it like Dragon Ball put a lot of episodes and I will watch every single one


2016-09-24 23:59:58

Need season 3!! ^^


2016-09-25 00:01:46

Season 2 were only 13 epsiodes? I thought it was supposed be 24? Oh dear.. you better get 24 episodes on Season 3! Please let me know when it will b release on Season 3, okay? Thank you.


2016-10-02 03:52:48

I don't think that's posible right now, there's only 68 chapters after the stagaiare arc in the manga

Truly Culinary

2016-09-25 05:33:10

This anime is true original and speaks so close to me. I am a Chef. And started watching this anime as a skeptic thinking it would be some type of toriko. My astonishment after watching the first episode has me hooked to this anime. Truly Culinary to its core. It's down right amazing. I hope there will be a 25-50 episode contract for season 3 instead of just 12.


2016-09-25 06:03:22

I hope season 3 release as soon as possible


2016-09-25 11:33:56

u cant even fucking preface the story correctly you daft fucking cunt


2016-09-25 11:51:34

plss continue this anime I really like it


2016-09-26 08:45:09

episode release or manga release ???


2016-09-29 05:57:51



2016-09-29 18:51:59



2016-09-30 18:43:29



2016-10-02 01:52:02

The first season was 24 episodes, the second season is only 13, and now the third isn't until sometime in 2017...Sigh...


2016-10-02 12:14:16

What!!!so soon :(


2016-10-03 10:17:50

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2016-10-03 10:17:52

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2016-10-03 10:54:03

It's YUKIHIRA. YUKIHIRA. The last is A :) I think You should fix it :)


2016-10-05 17:22:47

Shokugeki no soma Very eager for the 3rd season Plzz release it faster


2016-10-06 12:22:44

this is the best manga i ever see me and my wife love it .And i see lost of them since the original goldorack and albator on tv sorry for my english i am french canadien it the 1 time i rite about a mangas. the writer must have good knowlege of cooking and must have made good lot of reacherche on the subject.i did cooking class in st-adele in the laurentide quebec canada and lot of this explaine in this mangas is true. i love it. pls more


2016-10-07 04:45:07

Would you say it's a challenge to become a chef or be passionate on creating/handling food?


2016-10-07 23:11:22

food wars season 3 realse date

enas nasrudin

2016-10-08 05:40:28

can't wait SnS for the session 3

random guy

2016-10-09 04:37:20

ok nice info thanks it really helped

Food wars fan

2016-10-13 00:10:59

I love food wars and they are going to have season 3. Season 2 is only about the competition. So...


2016-10-14 14:05:29

This is a good anime. . When does the third season was released. . .?


2016-10-16 20:41:20

Is there soma participate shokugeki and do god toung will no about soma's father


2016-10-16 23:07:09

I really wish there is Season 3 for Shokugeki no Soma.


2016-10-17 01:21:18



2016-10-25 08:07:37

Wtf. You review sucks ass

Franz Oliver Aquino

2016-11-08 15:43:56

Please announce me when the season 3 is released plsss


2016-11-09 08:15:22

Man with how the manga is going so far I would love to see Erina react to find out that Yukihiras father was her crush

ali jajnery

2016-11-11 19:56:25

awesome animi...story format is completly new and exiting....cant wait for season 3

O'Neil Roi

2016-11-21 07:05:00

Gladly like it


2016-11-21 09:59:04

I cant wait to see how soma-kun snatch the 1st seat in totsuki academy. I cant wait to watch the upcoming season 3 of shokugeki no soma . Cause i already finish shokugeki no soma, shokugeki no soma: ni no sara. what will be the season 3 name ? . Do kana. :>>


2016-11-22 13:39:46

can't wait

Josh Skidmore

2016-11-29 06:52:26

As a fan of Food Wars. I am one who can not wait for another season to come out! Love the first two series. Now only time will tell until we get to see season 3 :)


2016-12-05 19:02:52

I hope that this season will be worth waiting


2016-12-05 21:46:15

Cant wait for the third season... Please let me know the exact releasing date


2016-12-06 15:47:43

please go watch the series again, some of your facts are wrong...


2017-12-09 22:51:09

It's December of 2017 and there is no news yet


2018-04-04 14:27:06

Why has season 4 not came out yet


2018-04-19 09:04:57

Food Wars or Shokugeki no Soma third season is already out the first 12 episodes can out during the Fall of 2017 and now the next 12 episodes of the 3rd are currently being released. You can watch them on crunchyroll.


2019-01-23 22:25:22

Plz make the dubs for food wars: shokugeki no soma
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