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Fairy Tail season 8

Original name: フェアリーテイル
Country: Japan
Director: Shinji Ishihara, Hiro Mashima
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

In the world of magic there is the Kingdom of Fiore. Wizards - people who chose magic as a profession. Magee, received recognition, united in a guild of wizards and fulfill the mission, while earning money. The Wizard is considered an empty space unless it is in some of the guild.

The main heroine of Lucy (Enchantress Star Spirit) wants to get into the guild "Fairy Tail". This guild is considered to be the coolest of all the existing ones. Magee "Fairy Tail" is famous for extraordinary power, extravagance and powerful spirit of competition.

But to become a member of the guild "Fairy Tail" is not so simple: to get into it, you can only at the recommendation of one of the magicians of the Guild. But Lucy is fortunate. Once in serious trouble, she manages to get acquainted with Natsu and his cat named Happy happy with. Not only that, Natsu pulls her out of trouble, he gives Lucy recommendation. Here then comes the interesnenkoe!

When you start watching Season 1 Fairy Tail (Fairy tail), then once you understand that you will find a fascinating journey into another world. All this action takes place in the Kingdom of anime Fiore.

Since then, as there was magic in the world, immediately there are people who have decided to link their lives with her. These people are called wizards. Magic became their vocation and profession. Wizards began to create a guild that brings experience to perform the job, and just to survive.

Like everywhere else in the world Fairy Tail has its own rules. And there is one major guilds of them: one guild - one city. And to keep everything under control, the government of the Kingdom of Fiore, it was decided to establish the Council of Mages. The city became the seat of the Era of the Council.


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rahul rana

2016-01-08 19:53:09

Fairy tail is awesome ..... I am big fan of this...... Please release season 8 ..... Please I am waiting for this season....


2016-01-20 22:52:39

Season 8 is already out !!!! :) ep .266 . Saw it online and on Hulu


2016-01-20 22:59:49

This is Fairy Tail Season Zero


2016-07-30 06:20:53

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Actually the new season was out already


2017-06-27 01:50:04

zero was season 7 you edjit and 266 was zero which isn't 8 you are both edjits


2016-04-02 22:04:17

Fairy Tail Zero , It's already over >:(

Anime freak

2016-04-12 17:29:40

Well I found episode 1 & 2 of the next season on youtube https://youtu.be/LyAb5amRWRg that's the address for the first eppisode of thw next season


2016-04-13 21:35:07

Where did you got season 8?? Send the link if u have..


2016-04-19 08:08:30

Fairy Tail Movie 2 Release Date: http://myanimelist.net/anime/30778/Fairy_Tail_Movie_2


2016-07-26 09:19:13

Season eight of fairy tail is on Hulu but if you don't like (sub) then nevermind


2017-01-11 19:06:38

Look on kissanime. It has it


2016-04-24 23:36:11

It is


2016-05-12 10:49:50

There is totall 277 episode


2016-05-13 04:20:26

that wasn't season 8 it was season 7 ep 102


2016-08-01 00:52:18

Correct answer


2016-06-05 08:50:01


Might guy

2016-06-24 02:08:09

Your a fucking idiot


2016-07-06 01:59:26

Calm Down Or I'll Take You On IN FORCE


2016-11-07 10:06:47

It's "You're" idiot


2016-06-24 11:25:58

How? Where? and When did you get to the episode 266 im still in the after Zero episode 102 waiting the episode 103 to come out!!! Im soo depress i really wanna know whats going on?!....Thank you :)


2016-09-12 12:23:07

he meant from episode 1 if u add both seasons its 266


2016-11-26 10:55:26

you can go on youtube, anime planet, funamation, or anime sanctuary, well there are other ones but i would recomend those the most and sorry for my bad spelling.


2016-06-29 23:36:46

Actually, episode 266 is part of season 7. Season 8 starts on episode 278.


2016-08-12 16:43:42

What's the episode name?


2016-09-04 01:25:10

Actually that's not true the 8th season is after episodes 276 and 277 what your talking about that is fairy tail zero that is a spin off of the anime

Nalu fan

2016-10-03 01:39:09

That's season 7 we are talking about season 8 in other words episode 278...at least I think


2016-10-06 01:59:48

That's not season 8, the highest season that is on there is the end of season 7. They haven't released season 8 yet.


2016-10-16 21:59:22

Okay then I will check it out.


2016-11-15 03:03:47

What they mean when will the series start after episode 277


2016-11-16 23:59:09

seriously its out ?????

Anime freak

2016-12-08 04:28:49

Please make season 8 I have been waiting for a long time.my friend recomended this anime and I have seen all the epesodes but I want to see more about what happened to the guild and why they broke up and will they unite again so please come out season 8!!!


2016-12-10 16:57:27

I think the next villain in season 8 will be acnologia


2018-07-10 22:59:40

No that was still season 7 it goes up to 277


2016-03-01 04:08:42

It will continue. They are pretty much at fillers at the moment (fairy tale zero) its pretty good.


2016-03-28 19:06:04

zero is not a filler, its a spin off


2016-04-23 06:46:33

zero isn't a spin off... if it was a spin off then it wouldnt be made by the fairy tail creators...

amazing grace

2016-04-26 20:28:48

its not a spin off, its more of a flash back except that its not from a character its just informing us of the history of the guild fairy tail and some of the characters whose background have yet to be explained such as zerefs, mavis' mackerov and quite a few more that have a connection to the founders of the guild. then it starts off a year later in the next season when natsu meets up with lucy at the games they host every year for the guilds. then its been stuck on that episode for a while so now everyone is waiting for the continuation of the new season to begin


2016-05-24 00:03:40

It's a prequel


2016-10-11 18:52:28

I think the same


2016-08-06 08:05:33

The only reason it stopped was because if they kept going they would've run out of material. The most recent episode (277) covered chapter 419 of the manga, which at the time of that episode airing, i believe the manga had just released chapter 427 or something like that. Although, I could be wrong about that. I just remember the manga not being very far ahead.


2016-05-25 18:21:10

I am a big fan too...


2016-06-30 16:37:21

guys, when they are releasing 8 season of fairy tailam waiting....(am fired up )

Anna dragneel /Nashi Heartfillia dragneel

2016-09-11 23:25:56

You can read the manga cause it doesn't have anything to do wth season 8 But it can come in 2016 and It will keep on coming I know we have to wait and it breaks my heart but We have a lot of time to dewar have it and read manga online


2016-10-12 07:44:37

what website can you find the latest fairytale season?:)


2016-01-08 20:21:39

Love it! Cant wait for s08..


2016-02-02 14:22:51

Please release episode 269 season 8 of fairy tail I just loooooooove this anime!


2016-02-05 07:04:09

It would be whack to discontinue a series so special to so many people. Why do you think we love it so much!? The characters are inspiring. Tell us why you would want to take away something that gives people relief from this shitty ass world? We love the show. Please let it continue. Please let us show our gratitude by keeping this show alive.


2016-04-20 18:40:26

well sadi bro well said i agree totally!!!!


2016-06-10 13:13:25

I guess I found some one who think just like me ...o agree with u


2017-11-27 10:08:43

I love this anime I have been searching since day1 it ended, so I am with you


2016-06-10 13:14:56

I guess I found some one who think just like me ...o agree with u


2016-06-27 21:28:58

Preach it dude


2016-07-26 01:57:12

PREACH MY DUDE......preach......


2016-02-06 03:19:39

Omg if fairy tail does not continue I will scream and cry and stay in my bed room for the rest of my life. Fairy tail better continue! #nalu


2016-04-03 21:23:06



2016-04-16 19:50:58

Same here


2016-09-25 16:32:36

Me too

2016-04-25 04:10:15

But what do you think Natsu would say about that? Ask yourself, "what would Natsu do?" He would keep going in this crappy magic-less world.


2016-05-12 23:49:10

nope he would actually really miss Lucy and his guild and would cry and still continue on while trying to get home to them. Or he would smash everything,get into fights, and go to jail. lol


2016-06-23 01:18:06

what do you mean magicless? the face system was stopped and this was proved when another episode showing the grand magic games appeared, so your comment is invalid, good job


2016-09-23 13:10:23

He's talking about the world in which we live, so your comment is invalid, Gj genius.

Natsu Forever

2016-04-25 04:13:56

You must ask yourself, "what would Natsu do?" He would continue on in this miserable, crappy, magic-less world.


2016-04-27 00:21:24

Me too


2016-05-12 23:40:00

Nalu will happen because it was even said they would end up together by mashima


2016-06-19 23:34:31

Same here


2016-06-29 23:38:19

If you want to know what happens in fairy tail so bad then read the manga

i love natsu

2016-09-27 16:09:47

its almost a year i cant take it bring back fairy tale


2016-02-10 02:14:02

Plz make another season my family and all my friends love fairytale. It is our life we love it !!best show ever


2016-02-10 05:56:22

Fairy tail was awesome, hope they make an 8th season. Its the best!


2016-02-13 08:05:17

I really want another season, I love Fairy Tail and it is my favorite anime! Fairy Tail is full of so many inspiring characters and I think everybody that watched it learned a lot from it. I would probably cry if they didn't continue it.


2016-09-18 06:43:40

their not continuing fairy tail for a while unfortunately...some say that the voice actor for lucy got fired and some say the fairy tail anime is cancelled until theres a big gap between the manga and the anime


2016-02-24 10:51:30

I'm waiting for Fairy tail season 8 .... s i'ave known dat E.N.D means etherious natsu dragneel


2016-02-24 10:52:21

I'm waiting for Fairy tail season 8 .... s i'ave known dat E.N.D means etherious natsu dragneel


2016-06-08 19:00:32

if you want to know what will happen to the guild you can read the manga because i hve already read and it was amazing.


2016-02-27 03:38:41

i love fairy tail . when is the next season gonna air already . I dont want faify tail to bd cancelled


2016-05-04 18:33:06

They will continue it, but for now Fairy Tail is on a hiatus because Fairy Tail anime is catching up to the manga. Season 8 is about "Avatar Arc" (Natsu and Lucy reforming the guild) and "Alvarez Empire Arc" In my opinion: This is the BEST ARC of all (Fairy Tail vs Spriggan 12) and I think that this is the final arc of Fairy Tail.


2016-03-03 16:09:18

Fairy tail zero is a perfect filler it gives you more insight on the guild and zeref. This is perfect for the way they ended season 7 and go straight into this, since everyone is out training to fight zeref.


2016-05-21 21:17:42

It's not a filler. It's the background of the guild. If it was filler it wouldn't be important. But it really is important


2016-03-08 18:01:23

Dying to see more of it. In love with the show

Penelope hauntedfair

2016-03-09 04:47:54

Fairy tail season eight MUST COME OUT OR ELSE!!!!!


2016-03-10 06:15:49

Yes please release season 8! I"ve went from season 1 to season 5 in about a week and I absolutely love the show. If this series gets discontinued I will literally die, I stay up till 3 am watching it. PLEASE CONTINUE IT!!!!!


2016-04-11 20:54:46

omg same i watched it last year and it only went up to about the tenro island and then this christmas i went through it again until know ie seen every singal episode like 5-6 times i can litrally go thorouh all of them in less then a month it better be continud ive cried so much on it thats how emotional it makes me ohh love it so much


2016-03-10 21:50:52

I love love love love love love love love fairy tail


2016-03-10 23:04:58

Even tho I'm on episode 173 I REALLY WANT MORE AND MORE EPISODES til at least 10,000 episodes


2016-03-16 21:40:08

Please we want Fairy Tail to continue forever


2016-03-27 15:08:44

OMG i hope they bring out a season 8 Fairytail is one of my most favourite japanese anime they shouldn't end it there is still so much they could do with the tv show like natsu finally finds out he is zerefs brother and end, juvia and gray finally get together, erza and jellal, natsu and lucy and lucy finds another aquarius key there is still so much that they have left out it will be so sad if they don't make anymore :(


2016-05-24 04:17:24

If all you guys want to see more of the story just read the manga if you look on mangatown.com they have a great online ft manga! Plus I really really would love it if they make lots more seasons of ft!


2016-09-09 19:36:04



2017-02-02 11:17:10

No..... Theresa no such thing called dies on FT, I've read the latest chapter, they all fighting back the sprigan 12 The recent cho is desa vs her momot!


2016-03-28 21:09:48

pls i want to watch s8 pls


2016-03-31 04:26:00



2016-04-02 12:31:39

Pleaaaasssseeee continue the season I love fairytail it will break my heart if u cancel it.


2016-04-03 00:29:38

Plz release season 8 as soon as possible... I'm very much eager to watch the episodes...Plz...


2016-04-04 16:48:24

If fairy tail doesn't come back I think I might cry ;( there is still so many unanswered questions and possibilities :)


2016-04-06 05:36:19

It has to be renewed, I'd love to see how the guild gets back together


2016-04-07 09:04:07

Well you see this anime means a lot to us. So season enight plsssssss. We love it so much.


2016-04-08 03:47:35

Fairy Tail has so many fans that would make quite a commotion if they cancel it plus why would they make an episode where they were going to bring the guild back together and then just cancel it there that's stupid I guess right now they are just trying to come up with some good ideas for the new season 8


2016-04-08 16:18:46

Omg so excited!!!! Pleasseeeee continue the story right where it left off!!


2016-04-10 06:38:50

Fairytail is the most amazing and greatest ever cant wait to see natsu fight again please release new season


2016-04-10 21:44:51

im a big fan of fairy tail. i cant wait for season 8. plz continue the show.

Travis Jones

2017-02-09 22:38:29

Huge fan of fairy tail .It's one of the greatest anime ever. If Fairy Tail ends at Season 7 at the final episode 277. Life won't be the same. Seriously though End it where the guild broke up Thats so not a great ending for the greatest anime. We still need to see how GREY AND NATSU IMPROVED And See Agnilogia DESTROYED for what he done to Natsus Father and Find out if ZEREF really deserves To die or will he change and become one of the good guys like NATSU So please we the millions of FAIRY TAIL fans will really be truly happy if you bring FAIRY TAIL back Season 8 and Season 9 and 10,11,12 and just 400 eps maybe 500 or longer SO PLEASE BRING IT BACK


2016-04-11 12:32:32

they have to make it becauase in anime he did not defeated zeref yet lots of mystry are about to unfold so they can't stop this series yet pls i expect it will happen soon and achnologia is still alive love a bunch faaaaaairy taillllll! !!!!


2016-04-15 03:26:55



2016-04-15 03:30:23

PLEASE HAVE A NEW SEASON HAVE IT COME OUT SOOOON!! This was my first and most favourite anime! :D

flame king

2016-04-16 11:11:27

When fairytail 2016 release date..

Too lazy to think of a name

2016-04-16 20:18:25



2016-04-18 03:47:46

Bring Fairy Tail back PLEAZE


2016-04-18 05:30:07

I have nothing to do on Fridays now.. Come out with season 8 like in a month lol


2016-04-18 22:44:51

When r they going to make episode 278? Does anyone know


2016-04-19 08:04:44

Fairy Tail Movie 2: http://myanimelist.net/anime/30778/Fairy_Tail_Movie_2


2016-04-20 05:06:49



2016-04-20 07:50:53



2016-04-20 19:59:09

Ohhh come on guys i'm sure there's a new season coming for sure just like mavis said in FAIRY TAIL ZERO "Do fairies have tails? Do fairies exist in the 1st place?? Its an eternal mystery. The name incorporates those thoughts. FAIRY TAIL!? It means there's more adventure to come all you need to do is sit back , relax and wait


2016-04-23 11:51:23

Please please please release season 8 in english please waiting for it.


2016-04-24 10:48:02

I LOVE all of FairyTale season and I was so disappointed when they ended the anime like that especially when the manta is still going and this where it really heats up. I want the anime to be back even if I have to wait for a long time. BRING BACK FAIRYTALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-04-25 21:08:28

Please please please be a lot more episodes after this


2016-04-26 04:23:01

fairy tail should totally stay if it goes it leaves a mystery and ALOT of fans would be dissapointed. I totally want fairy tail to come back im waiting ... also natsu and lucy should get together already cuz they make such a great couple i love their fan fiction it so cute. OMg i would be so depressed if fairy tail goes cuz its my favorite tv show i am a BIG fan .. I would be the saddest person in the the world if fairytail goes.. i swear i feal great sorrow right now like if im gonna cry. o god .. please i beg you bring fairy tail back.


2016-04-27 03:52:14

Omg season 8 is coming out .0. I'm so late Don't worry I will let my self out *walks away*


2016-04-30 00:17:38

Please don't end the anime like this!!! Omg i love this anime so much i can't even put it into words. I really hope this is not the end for it, i'm so excited to see new characters from the manga animated.

anime otaku

2016-04-30 18:52:40

I really think that fairy tail the anime sweries will continue cuz the manga on going and then the series ended in a cliffhanger of suspense ( spoilers ahead) saying that the no1 demon in the zerefs book of demons is end= ethrious natsu dragneel and they have gotta finish the story line they will start the anime in jan nxt yar at the latest


2016-05-04 01:40:36

Obviously they're making another season, they won't end it like that. The only question is when?


2016-05-05 07:14:13

Ep. 101 and 102 are the ending or fairy tale zero and season 8 will be next and I can't wait though I am wondering if Natsu and Lucy will get together like they do in the manga?


2016-05-05 08:26:08

I think it should continue


2016-05-05 16:19:43

I am a big fan of fairy tail, I definitely want to see the tartaros chapter as sounds like it will be intense :D


2016-05-06 17:58:15

i am waiting for fairy tail to return and im also waiting for the dubbed for season 6 and 7 also waiting for fairy tail zero too

2016-05-07 15:29:00

Am waiting for season 8 I check daily news


2016-05-08 18:49:56

I hope it gets as many episodes as one piece

Yotsuba ind

2016-05-10 00:19:35



2016-05-12 23:37:41

what the heck is a "enchantress star spirit"? She's a celestial spirit wizard you idiot

Fairy Tail Follower

2016-05-13 04:14:18

I love fairy tail well please remind me when the release date comes out because I cant wait for season 8 I am excited.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-05-13 04:45:56

WHEN IS IT COMING OUT...let there be a season 8!

I am reparting you

2016-05-14 20:02:14

U suk u no evn show relesae date for the onime ur so rode im reparting this tread to the muderators


2016-09-14 18:47:16

1st off pls look up the words ur typing 2nd if u cant find it anywhere else u wont find it here


2016-05-15 19:59:39

i honestly don;t know what to do with life, i have been binge watching this for like 2 months and now im done...

Jp Anik

2016-05-16 23:18:54

I am a big fan of Fairy tail I was watched all episode of fairy tail please release Fairy Tail season 8


2016-05-16 23:32:05

I love Fairy Tail. i just felt like watching anime on netflix and i loved it so i finished the series on youtube... i hate that it doesn't play all of the episodes because it says it's not avalible doe ~Goldenpelt15


2016-09-21 17:28:42

Crunchyroll dowoad it an you can watch all thr way up to ep 277 but of couse not in english only d Subz so yeah but sti freaking great


2016-05-17 01:23:30

I really believe that Fairy Tail is an amazing anime and it should be continued without a doubt I learned a lot of lessons believe me or not fro Fairy Tail an I want to be able to show my children this when they are my age and I want them to see what a good anime is and that my fellow Fairy Tail fan friends it should be said that Fairy Tail should continue without a doubt! #LongLiveFairyTail


2016-05-18 18:14:09

I'm am almost done with season 7. I hope season 8 will come out soon! I love Fairy Tail!!!!! Please continue....... I also need to find a way to watch the English version because Cherami Leigh is really good as the Lucy voice actor. Continue Fairy Tail! Please!!!!


2016-05-19 05:26:22

Im one of fans the fairy tail i really like it, i know that fairy tail zero is come and over already... I really want new season, please have new season.. Alot people really like it


2016-05-20 20:40:24

This year now


2016-05-22 02:04:43

Fairy tail is the best!!!!!!!! Please make season 8!!!

2016-05-22 07:57:38

fairy tail is really about the characters and family,and that's what I love about this anime.


2016-05-22 21:15:33

Continued it needs an eighth season


2016-05-24 07:07:42

Did season 8 come out yet?


2016-05-26 11:06:38

I love fairytail i can't wait to see the new season plzzzzzzzzzz Let us if the release date get out I'm waiting to se NaLu together again and someone know erza jellal will ever get together


2016-05-26 19:23:43

Heard something about fairy tail 2017 for start of season 8. Show should continue since its very popular, but no guarantees tho. Fairy tail was the same creators as the anime rave gear or something like that which just stopped mid season. Think they had low ratings tho.


2016-05-27 08:22:35

Comment (at least 5 characters)...natsu is best l want to see more fariy tail


2016-05-28 08:50:22

Alright, I just want to confirm there WILL be another season of fairy tail, Hiro Mashima has said so himself, I believe his last major comment on the matter was that they were still looking for an anime producer that they wanted to direct it. Also, it is NOT out yet, there are 277 total episodes in fairy tail, fairy tail is sometimes, in fact quite commonly, not seperated between Fairy Tail and Fairy Tail (2014), so instead of 1 series being 165 episodes and the other being 102, they list them together as one series of 277 episodes, don't be tricked that that.


2016-05-29 09:16:31

I'm just gonna spoil it! - Grey lived with Juvia for a while - Gajeel, Levy, and Pantherlily worked under the magic counsel - Macarov was a hostage in Alvarez - Alvarez vs. Ishgar fight - Mest was always a Fairy Tail member - Natsu and Zeraf fight - Natsu is Zeraf's younger brother - Acknologia takes human form That's the tip of the iceburg and fuck all y'all!!! Deuces!


2016-05-30 06:14:21

fairy tail is a very good show I love it I hope it will continue for many more seasons as we say in Jamaica big up an nuff respect guys good job

Faisal mughal

2016-05-30 07:58:40


natsu dragnnel

2016-05-31 14:46:16

Release fairy tail sub and the dub version please right know all I'm seeing is the manga and its get real amazing please release it people are starting to forget the good time of fairy tail make a bad ass come back I hope this will inspire you to continue the show because I love NALU Natsuxlucy please


2016-06-02 09:13:16

Fairy tale, just awesome show.i can't wait

Alex Jones

2016-06-05 20:24:27

Can you please hurry up to tell us when the next fairy tail season is coming because everyone else says that they can see when a show is out or not out yet


2016-06-07 10:37:48

Please just please release season 8!!! I can't wait any longer!!!! Fairy tail is the best anime i ever saw! I just CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!


2016-06-07 19:59:22



2016-06-08 11:06:24

Love fairy tail please please make season 8


2016-06-09 00:47:52

i really hope they continue making fairy taiil forever as will as in english i cant wait for the rest of season 7 in english as will as the making of season 8


2016-06-10 13:01:21

keep it coming


2016-06-10 13:09:58

Hey there u know I m mad about anime but the most I like is fairy tail I love it and u knw its feel boating when I use to sit and watch old episodes hey this is a life time req to author plz I beg u to start up season 8plz plz i knw I knw it not a bog deal for u but u knw Ill feel very sad when fairytail would stop so plz for our fellow fans plz carry on the season of fairy tail thnx that's all I wana say......plz bring it


2016-06-10 18:50:17

We need more fairy tail.!!! They need to hurry up & come out with the new season already.!!!!


2016-06-12 05:13:28

AHHHH!!! I absolutely CANNOT wait for season 8! =^*^= I really love Fairytail and I really wanna know when it'll be released.


2016-06-12 20:34:27

can i rate it 10000000000000000000000000 star because the show is awesome


2016-06-13 08:08:42

Please I beg you to release fairy tail season 8 I am a big fan of that so if you can release. I will so happy


2016-06-14 06:00:48

Please...let fairy tail continue! You're making my fellow fairy tale friends cry. I don't remember much, but I know that no one has ever made my friends cry and got away without getting burned!


2016-06-14 23:58:15

When is the realeas date... I love it so much... I can't wait any longer.... I NEED TO WATCH IT!!!

Dorrian Bowers

2016-06-16 07:18:26

Even though I am sad to say it my very first anime that I fell in love with(Fairytail) has come to a sudden end

2016-06-17 17:16:48

The first two episodes of seazon 8 alredy are out

Anna Dragneel

2016-09-11 23:16:10



2016-06-17 18:05:59

I love Fairy Tail!


2016-06-18 02:41:26

Add more Seasons and episodes to netflix and when is season 8 gunna be released


2016-06-18 14:20:22


Anime Is My Life

2016-06-19 13:38:26

PLEASE continue Fairy Tail! It is the best series I have ever watched! Season 7 was absolutely awesome, and please make season 8 where Lucy and Natsu get together in a relationship.


2016-06-19 13:43:17

Please, please. PLEASEEE. continue Fairy Tail! That is the one show that I fell in love with and it is the one series that puts everything else to shame. I love this show so much and if you don't make more it WILL break my heart, but if you do continue it, you would make a young girl the happiest person in the world. I LOVE FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!


2016-06-19 22:01:15

I want fairy tail To... have A SEASON 8!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natsu Dragneel

2016-06-20 03:59:08

To clear up all of this commotion, Season 8 will definitely come out considering the manga is still ongoing, the fact that Zeref showed up and took the book of END during the Tartaros arc, leaving the plot still intact (Basically stopping Zeref now book he has the book of END and Acnologia is now out of the picture) and lastly, they wouldn't go through the effort to make another plot at the very last episode "A message in the flame" basically announcing "Oh hey, I'm going on an adventure to recreate Fairy Tail again with Lucy" right after Natsu's 2 years of training. So trust me when I say this. It's far from over with the series.

Gray Fullbuster

2016-06-24 10:42:28

fairy tail is going to come b coz we have faith in manga of fairy tail and their makers


2016-06-21 04:36:38

All I have to say, is that I loved all the seasons so far and would love to see a season 8. I'm starting to already wait and check when it's coming out and haven't found anything

Jordan campbell

2016-06-21 12:01:22

Fairytail is my favourite anime and should contine as long as they can make it do so


2016-06-23 04:58:35

I want fairy tail to continue on I love fairy tail with all my heart. FAIRY TAIL 4 LIFE!!

Cloudy Goldenheart

2016-06-23 16:42:48

plz plz plz release season eight i love it even if it is not in English it has CC so i can not wait any more PS shipping gray and lucy ,natsu and ezra. BYE

psychotic gamer

2016-06-24 02:19:29

A ova just came out today damn fairy tail but I like how they made natsu so prob stronger than laxus and erza


2016-06-26 19:12:30

Tell us


2016-06-28 00:15:41

please we've been waiting for episode 278 to come out =9


2016-06-28 06:41:09

Fairy Tail will continue as they are still running the Manga. They have too many fans of both the Manga and Anime to not continue it. Its just taking too damn long!


2016-06-29 08:24:00

I love fairy tail this show helped me through a dark time and shined light into my life. As crazy as it sounds for an animal to do that but this one did the characters in this show are almost real people to me (Im not crazy I just love this Anime lol) they are all loveabe and just funny. Please let us know when the new season comes out #NaLu #GaLe for life!


2016-08-15 08:56:39

I'll agree with you anytime


2016-06-29 23:34:52

I LOVE fairy tail and i was just caught up! I finally finished season 7 please release season 8! I would preffer Natsu's long hair instead of Cancer cutting his hair! I'll be waiting!


2016-07-02 11:23:33

Highly doubt they are cancelling it. The show was just catching up to the Manga way to fast. Had to give it some breathing room. It will probably resume late 2016 or mid to early 2017. Can't wait for Natsu to knock a certain man from the past on his ass with one blow :)


2016-07-03 12:47:23

Can u let me know when they are going to make another season of fairy tales...


2016-07-05 08:23:16

I loved this series i cant wait for series 8 to come out does anyone know when the release date is

Tai Logu

2016-07-05 12:05:29

guys.....do anyone knw ..when is season 8 is coming???


2016-07-06 17:19:48

fuck yourself hurry up realse fairy tail 2016


2016-07-07 05:14:09

are yous all shit does anyone really know when season 8 starts dont tell me its out coz its not ur all shit if u say it is

Its Out

2016-09-14 18:50:19

Its out :) :) :) :) Spoiler aint out yet


2016-07-07 09:33:04

Please tell me that this season with be about the tartarous chapters and getting the guild back together


2016-07-08 06:20:05

I am a big fan of fairy tail and for fairy tail I hope that Lucy and Natsu become nalu!!!❤️❤️❤️It makes me so happy seeing them together and it makes me so happy watching fairy tail I always wish for reality to be anime and I would choose fairy tail to be what I would be in it is so interesting to see everything happen in fairy tail and it makes me cry lol


2016-07-08 12:20:08

They should make an eighth season because people will want to know if Fairy Tail be a guild again or not will Natsu marry Lucy how does everybody look after a year has passed and what Adventures wait for them he should be


2016-07-11 10:13:48

I've been waiting for the next season to come out I miss FairyTail because it is my life and I never stopped lovin it since it stop but I kept on believing for it to return.


2016-07-13 18:46:50

Please continue fairy tail it's the best ever there's only 12 episodes on Hulu and I'm really waiting for the rest of season 8 to come out please don't cancel that I loved it so much and if you cancel it I would die inside


2016-07-14 14:46:31

I love Fairy Tail, I never want that show to stop and please let someone actually kiss someone.

vanessa f

2016-10-11 18:53:46

Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-07-19 06:19:30

i really love fairy tail and their ships!!! And i want those ships to set sail!!! especially NALUUUUUU!!! like come on, everyone ships nalu and we want it to happen! and whoever ships nail i will make it sink!!! XP


2016-07-19 18:04:49

more Dragons and natsu geting powerful


2016-07-19 21:08:23

I love fairy tail please continue it.


2016-07-20 12:11:05

I can't wait for season 8 of fairy tale I love fairy tale it's the best anime ever I hope the release it I'm a big fan of fariy tale

Fairy tail lover

2016-07-20 22:41:22

I love fairy tail I am hoping there will be a next season I am a huge fairy tail fan and I can't wait until it's out :)

2016-07-24 06:36:15

I think it should be renewed and stay on for years


2016-07-24 15:32:17

Plz i m waiting eagarly for the next season.... Release it already i m getting tired of waiting


2016-07-25 06:24:38

Huge fan of fairytail, I think it's a great anime, it's not as provoking as some of the other animes out there, hopefully they have a couple of more seasons, some people say the characters have a low character development, but I disagree lots of characters have excellent character development accepting for like 1 main character I'm not ready for fairy tail to end yet, or for another season, even if a new anime is based on fairy tail's story, it's not fairy tail itself and it will never be same #fairytail4life


2016-07-27 04:05:53

why does it only have 2 seasons on crunchy roll


2016-07-27 17:23:00

continue plzzzz


2016-07-27 22:02:21

I am great fan of fairytail I am very thusty to watch next season so please release the next season

2016-07-29 17:48:43

I don't think fairy tail should be canceled because there is still so much left to the story


2016-07-30 13:35:44

when a 8 season of fairy tail is going to be show

Ophaline kie

2016-07-30 16:20:28

PLEASE release SEASON 8...... PRETTY PRETTY...PLEASE I am a big fan of FAIRY TAIL....


2016-07-31 16:39:05

I believe fairytail should never stop. I would like to watch them grow older have families kids so forth and so on. I would love to see how strong natsu can get how strong gray can get I would love to continue watching. I'm not a big anime fan so to such a show captivate me as it has amazed me so.


2016-08-02 07:59:43

Pleeeeeeassseee continue fairy tail its definetly the most satisfying anime!


2016-08-02 15:29:51

Fairy tail was my favorite Anime iam waiting for season 8 please release season 8 I iam wait for it


2016-08-03 02:41:30

Fairytale is amazing I can't live without it its the best anime I have seen


2016-08-06 12:06:29

When does season 8 comes out?? plz let me know


2016-08-08 21:21:42



2016-08-11 19:57:20

What happen after the Fairy Tail disbanded? Lucy and Natsu is trying to get everyone back together again but for now its only natsu,lucy and happy tthat are ttogether


2016-08-14 18:07:08

omg i luv fairy tail...i want it to continue forever......i will literrally die without it...it is awesome....pls release season 8 already...dying to see more of it......plus heard something about hiro mashima going to end it...don't you ever do that or i'll kick ur ass...

Katsumi Scarlet

2016-08-14 22:11:13

OMFG I can't wait!!! So hyped!!!! :P


2016-08-15 07:28:29

Id like to now if fary tail will start up again this year or if is ganna be in 2017/2018. The way it ended in 277 leads to more and im really looking forward for more. Plus i have not read the manga, so all i have is the anime.

Natsu Dragneel (gmail name )

2016-08-16 03:53:39

Natsu Lucy Happy Erza Gray Elfman Juvia Gajeel Jellal Levy aizenwalls Cana Gildarts Laxus Cobra Wendy Sting Rogue Froch Leon Brandish Zeref Elieen End Igneel and alot other more but i don't know how to spell them macorov mirajenna


2016-08-16 05:06:35

well if u want to watch add free and free anime go to kiss anime and also im waiting for it also i cant live without fairytail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


2016-08-16 05:41:22

I love fairy tail I wanna see season 8 it's awesome and they should fine the rest of the guild I love it so it shouldn't be cancelled

Lord Asdai

2016-08-19 11:14:04

There are total of 277 episodes (excluding the OVAs and Zero) that have aired yet. Which is season 8?

natsu dragneel

2016-08-19 15:27:54

I am a big fan of fairy tail i have seen many anime but this my best anime i love it even more than naruto and i am waiting for next season I am curious to know what happens next


2016-08-19 16:13:15

Very cool anime I'm bummed that it's ends

2016-08-19 21:02:08

I really hope they keep continuing the seasons of fairy tail. After completing 7 seasons, it doesn't feel right when the series ends. This show is so gripping & close to heart that even a 100 seasons would be less to watch. So please keep continuing making episodes & series of this wonderful show.


2016-08-19 21:03:44

I really hope they keep continuing the seasons of fairy tail. After completing 7 seasons, it doesn't feel right when the series ends. This show is so gripping & close to heart that even a 100 seasons would be less to watch. So please keep continuing making episodes & series of this wonderful show.


2016-08-19 21:05:52

I really hope they keep continuing the seasons of fairy tail. After completing 7 seasons, it doesn't feel right when the series ends. This show is so gripping & close to heart that even a 100 seasons would be less to watch. It's almost like actually living the show & has become difficult to not watch it. . So please keep continuing making episodes & series of this wonderful show


2016-08-20 02:02:17

I love fairy tail


2016-08-20 13:09:10

Love this anime.


2016-08-20 23:28:50

They really need more episode because the way last season ended it would have been awesome to see more season it's just one of them anime that you just have to see more be sure it just keeps on getting better and better A

harishsai774 @gmail.com

2016-08-21 09:54:58

waiting for the feast of fairy tail


2016-08-22 01:03:49



2016-08-23 23:38:45

The last episode is 277 and the curreng newest chapter is 489 or 499 (not sure) season 8 isn't out yet and ad much as I'm f*cking excited I'm still watching ep.80+


2016-08-28 04:41:58

if you do plz make grey and juvia cannon


2016-08-29 11:24:50

I will make season 8 to 19

Nashi Heartfillia Dragneel

2016-09-11 23:21:58

Fairytail might come late 2016 or late 2017 Buy we have all the time in the world to plan the release day coming


2016-09-02 13:00:33

Is fariy tale going to stop season 8 has already been relest and they stoped making vids:( has my worst nightmare come true?!?! Is fariy tale ending if it is i will be so sad:(


2016-09-03 01:49:51

If you want to know more about what is happening within fairytail, you need to watch the episodes AFTER the zero arc. Lovely snippets were offered to the public about END and Natsu, as well as the history between Acnologia and Igneel...so... Go Watch, re-watch Arc 1, arc 3 and 4, and GmG's. Pay CLOSE attention to the conversations between sabertooth members and fairy tail members.


2016-09-03 10:31:27

A few more months...... Still I'm waiting I really hope the new season starts soon :(


2016-09-04 07:03:56

I love it make new episodes!!!


2016-09-06 14:28:44

I'm waiting so much


2016-09-08 02:15:06

BRING BACK FAIRY TAIL PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:`|

anime fun

2016-09-09 16:26:43

pls ... can you release the next season of fairy tail because im a big fun of fairy tail ... i can' wait to the next episode or season 8 .. plsss guys....

2016-09-14 03:09:15

We need season eight we can't just leave it left at an ending like that


2016-09-14 06:09:18

i cannot wait to watch the new season of Fairy tail

NightMare Natsu

2016-09-14 21:37:18

I am a big fan of fairy tail series and the mangas i hope that season comes out and that it will be the best cause this anime series


2016-09-15 05:56:19


2016-09-15 21:23:49

Can't wait


2016-09-17 18:33:58

fairy tail series should continue to season 8 as these are awesome cartoon


2016-09-18 02:26:02

When will season 8 be released I can't wait please come fast


2016-09-18 06:39:32

I don't know when the fairy tail anime is coming back but ive done some research. some people say the voice actor for lucy got fired and some say the fairy tail anime is cancelled until theres a big gap between the manga and the anime.


2016-09-18 09:01:57



2016-09-20 01:47:59

Please release season 8 soon I'm thirsty for this season..Fairytale is spectacular


2016-09-24 00:53:11

Its fairy tail


2016-09-20 11:06:40

Pleasee...please...please.... Release Fairy Tail season 8. I really want to watch it


2016-09-25 07:09:03



2016-09-25 08:23:29

needs another season

Isarco ocrasi

2016-09-25 20:08:07

So. Let me get this there is no new episode past the messenger ? When natsu returns and fairy tail zero right? Does any body know any updates towards the new hopefully coming season?


2016-09-28 13:38:09

kailan po magkaroon ng b agong episode


2016-09-29 03:40:43

Fairy Tail is so awesome I really want to see every single one of the seasons one through 100


2016-09-29 09:40:29

fairy tail season 8 is coming out on april 2017

I sir

2016-09-29 21:52:56

How did u know ?


2016-09-30 06:35:29

The last episode I watched was natsu putting fire letters on the Kings castle and I wanna know when the next episode is gonna come out I'm so frickin pissed right now


2016-10-01 13:41:03

my fav anime


2016-10-05 02:46:41

Announce it already this is just bs.


2016-10-10 22:14:58

This is one of my favorite shows to watch and I don't want this show to end one of the best animals shows out there


2016-10-17 23:45:38

I just want the show to continue after fairy tail 2 flaming message ended


2016-10-20 16:13:53

im a big fan of fairy tail and plz continue the good work and plz tell me the release date.....


2016-10-21 04:56:56

i dose not even has the realse date


2016-10-21 17:01:34

when will season 8 be released pls am waiting for the next season


2016-10-22 06:25:22

Season 7 was really dramatic for all characters in Fairy tail

Joyce Claudia Wesley

2016-10-25 11:08:33

If can release it faster

Fairy tail ❤

2016-10-26 06:06:12

Please let there be a season 8 please fairy tail is awesome it can't end like that please let there be season 8 please I love fairytail let there be season 8


2016-10-27 08:13:27

i have just finished watching whole fairy tail and i am eagerly waiting for fairy tail season 8


2016-10-28 03:12:51

Guys, fairy tail zero is not season 8, it is a filler season talking about the founding of fairy tail.


2016-10-28 19:55:18

Please and hurry fairy tail


2016-10-29 10:43:49

Guys hurry up already....i hv been waiting for 2 months.......gonna go mad....


2016-10-29 14:38:06

I can't wait for the new season to come out. I've watched and rewatched the all the seasons three times waiting for the next one to come out. I really hope something happens between Levi and Gajeel ^.^


2016-10-29 19:05:36

HI. Please reply guys. Is the Season 8 released now?


2016-10-30 09:56:10

are they still making fairy tail episodes i'm kinda worried there not any more :( season 8


2016-10-31 14:16:36

hello there. My videos of Fairy Tail were deleted. Can you please give me a link which i can downoad them? episode 156 up to 277 please guys. PLEASE I NEED IT.


2016-11-03 17:38:26

Hii can u give me a solid date? When fairy tail season 8 will release?


2016-11-03 17:39:36

Hii can u give me a solid date? When fairy tail season 8 will release?


2016-11-17 23:07:36

i love fairy tail please season 8

Bulter Wilberforce

2016-11-18 10:19:26

Hello guys please came down OK.. We all are waiting for fairy tail season 8...so please if you have the date for the season 8...please let us have it...OK fairy tail the best

Natsu drag neel

2016-11-18 18:02:12

When is it coming I wanna season 8 please release fast


2016-11-26 07:47:07

I'm so glad fairy tail is gonna come out once again, hopefully English is an option!


2016-11-26 19:36:59

Fairytail please it's my life

Natsu Dragon Egneel

2016-12-01 13:17:27

release it (the season 8 ) please


2016-12-03 02:40:47

this better come out i wanna see thing heat up between nalu ohh yh and erza and j ugh so make it happen


2016-12-03 03:30:58



2016-12-06 18:04:55

Wait my time reading this I NEEEEEEEED answers!


2016-12-08 20:08:54

they need a 8th season


2016-12-12 02:09:37

its says tba 2017,mashima never said it would be renewed in 2017.actualy he said nothing about a new anime series in this particular time of the season


2016-12-18 05:34:43

dose anyone know when the ep. after The Massege Of Flame is going out


2016-12-19 21:58:49

I love the anime Fairy Tail and would love to find out what happens as Lucy and Natsu look for the other members of Fairy Tail to continue the guild......

Manoj Kumar

2016-12-23 17:32:20

Fairy tail is awesome... No words can describe it. Thanks a lot to its makers. I hope you realise new season soon enough. I will be waiting more than anything else for it.


2016-12-26 03:22:23

I love the anime Fairy Tail. I love the manga and series Fairy Tail. I want to a continuation of the series Fairy Tail season 8, please because I am big fan of Fairy Tail. Lucy and Natsu look for the each other love... ;)

Fairy tail fan

2016-12-27 11:54:15

May fairy tail burn bright forever!!!

Nalu for ever

2017-01-06 03:09:54



2017-01-12 16:44:57

Please release faster


2017-01-20 16:21:44

madarchod motherfuckers fuck ya all


2017-02-01 11:33:49

Some of you are correct and others are wrong. Well here's what I think the new season won't come out after "Fairy Tail Dragon cry"- movie 2.

Big fan

2017-02-08 17:22:15

I'm a big fan of FairyTail. Many want to continue the anime

angry user

2017-02-14 17:32:50

this site sucks seriously!!!!!!! its damn useless

fk u all at admin

2018-10-21 00:30:32

you're absolutly right. they delete posts that refers to relese dates. about one year ago i said it will be released in 2018 with source, and they deleted it.


2017-02-24 13:31:54

Can wait to watch next season


2017-02-26 01:31:42

Hey guys! Don't worry! New Fairy Tail episodes are on their way! It won't be long now!

Trinity seven

2017-02-28 19:43:52

Please release season 8, Ive dedicated alooot of time every day watching fairy tail. When ive finished i was eternally sad. :{


2017-03-12 08:32:13

Fairy tail is awesome ... This is the best anime i've ever seen . I am eagerly waiting for the next season .

Lucy Dragneel

2017-03-12 23:20:40

fairy tail (2017) airs September 7, 2017


2017-03-22 09:58:39



2017-04-24 02:11:29

I like that last year they said maybe in 2016 lol


2017-05-26 18:19:20

Plz release the next season of fairy tail


2017-05-30 05:43:04

Yes please continue the season of Fairy Tale please


2017-06-08 20:48:34

ok on kissanime first i seen 1-172 episode first and then i seen 1-102... so im confused


2017-07-05 02:37:09

Hoprfully their is a season 8. I really enjoy watching fairytail.


2017-07-21 11:46:34

NEWS: Fairy Tail TV Anime Gets 'Final Season' in 2018 it's happening, yes!


2017-08-04 15:14:59

You can get fairy tail zero on fundimation or kissanime if you go to the end of fairy tail season two because is show's two season but there is actual 7 season and there is zero in season 2 on kissanime

I'm bored

2017-08-12 12:51:20

Everyone need to calm down for a moment, it may be true that fairy tail is over but that's only for the Manga, Fairy tail anime fans will most likely riot and they'll get what they want, plus the Manga covers more from episode 277 to chapter 450 which is the final chapter of fairy tail that easily leaves the anime with 173 more episodes using the storytelling of the Manga, so they wouldn't need to write more an can just focus on the animation and voice overs. The chances over another season is very likely so you have no need to worry of a half ended series


2017-08-21 16:56:24

more and more fairy tail I need to watch season 8 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


2017-09-23 23:23:18

I really hope they come out with season 8 I really wanna see Natsu, Happy, and Lucy bring the guild back together and I hate it how they cut off them bring the guild back together and came out with fairy tail zero I liked it and all but id rather see them back together

Missy Boldman

2017-11-12 00:59:55

Fairy Tail is the best! The story concept is fascinating. I would love to see the manga continue on.


2018-01-20 09:46:32

So zero season 8? if so then are they making a nine bc I need to see the guild come back together I'm so confused on this lol


2018-06-16 08:38:29

I love Fairytail it was my first anime. The last episode of Fairytail that I saw was 278. I haven’t even been able to see the Dragon Cry movie yet because I don’t know where to buy or see it at. I hope the ‘new’ season comes out soon. If they decide to continue it of course(which I hope they do).


2018-07-10 23:03:03

Season eight should be coming out in October of this year
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Fairy Tail season 8 release date


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Fairy Tail season 8
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