Bungou Stray Dogs season 3 release date - Completed

Original name: 文豪ストレイドッグス
Country: Japan
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

About anime Bungou Stray Dogs season 3

The protagonist a boy whose name is Atsushi Nakajima. He an orphan and grew up in an orphanage, but then he was kicked out of the orphanage, for unknown reasons. The guy could have become embittered, but later in his life is a series of incredible events. In particular, he meets a guy from a secret organization, whose members all possess superhuman abilities and are engaged in very different, but always dangerous and difficult to investigate.

Continuation of this story will be interesting and exciting. Although no one knows when will be released a new series of fact, all the fans of the series looking forward to what will happen next.

Bungou Stray Dogs season 3 release date


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2016-11-01 07:29:48

Love love love!!!