Black Butler season 4 release date - closed

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Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

About anime Black Butler season 4

Mystical, with black humor and satirical comedy detective slant on the theme of the relationship of master and servant. Alternative England the XIX-th century, luxurious Earl Phantomhive, friendly company sluggishness servants, dominated by the (in all senses of the word) perfect Sebastian. Young Earl Ciel loves different games, and numerous capacity butler and then find application. After all, the two signed an important contract, which concerns not only the culinary talents of Sebastian.

The design corresponds to the plot: from the ironic and comical moments to luxury-elegant scenes - and demonic-romantic opening theme contrasts with funny scenes from chibi-ending theme.

Kuro Shitsuji not intended to be a special mystical or psychological depth, but it is still not stupid, interesting and dynamic show. Secrets of proper tea, cruelty of the Italian mafia, the clumsiness of a servant, and even the novice habit relatives count - all on the shoulder Sebastian, no wonder his favorite saying, and is translated as "I am only a steward," and how "I am a demon and a butler."

Black Butler season 4 release date

Anime closed

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