Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn season 2

Original name: 暁のヨナ
Country: Japan
Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Romance, Anime
Duration: 24 min.

Plot & Details

Yona, the daughter of a ruler of the east of the country lived in a fairy tale. It had everything you could wish for, and even a handsome prince - older cousin Su-won, a blond, handsome and gallant knight. Here are just a "Knight" was also a wise politician - on the 16th anniversary of the princess he prepared a plot personally killed his uncle and took the royal throne. Heartbroken Woman rescued and brought from the palace Haq - a childhood friend and personal security officer. The young soldier decided to move to the relatives of the Wind Clan - there is someone to rely on, and the usurper of their not so easy to find. Princess for a long time suffered from the collapse of the familiar world, but still managed to grow.

Clan elders prepared to swear Su Vaughn, but there were also the wise, Visitor ahead and decided that the throne should not sit traitor and murderer relatives. Ёne had to remember that it is not Bezrodnaya fugitive, and a direct descendant of the first King of Dragon and personally responsible for the country. And then everything is simple - go ahead, to the native open spaces (where looking forward to punitive favorite cousin), in search of the four other descendants of the dragon, of course, the great warriors and writing handsome! Only in this way prophecy come to pass, and then you can taste and revenge served cold, and the reward for the guys think!

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Kim nana

2016-02-20 03:28:54

Please bring back yona of the dawn. It had everything, romance,drama, and action! The way it ended was just screaming for another season and the characters had just started developing. The story line was just about to get deeper. So please bring it back


2016-05-19 06:26:25

They should bring a new season everything just got interesting


2016-11-29 01:06:25

YAAAASSSS!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I love this series sooooooo much!!!


2017-10-10 04:05:43

yes I agree sooooooooo much I was sooooo angry when I finished the first season that I ,and this is every day watched the season over and over and after each time I finished I checked for season 2 but it was never there I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way


2016-02-26 03:53:19

This is a really good anime! I cant wait for new episode, I really want to see if Yona gets back her fathers kingdom.


2016-03-02 05:58:16

plese bring back!!!1


2016-03-06 00:39:20

Heck yeah! I think it was a wonderful anime and there should be another season. You can't leave us hanging and not knowing how it ends, Hak getting closer to Yona... Can't wait! Just don't leave it at the first kiss or something, please, please, please put in a lil after story.


2016-03-06 08:01:12

Yona of the dawn is a great anime!! I can't wait for new Episodes to come out. It will be so great to see the red headed princess in action again.


2016-03-10 08:30:14

I'm in love with Yona of the dawn, I have never loved an anime deeper (and that's saying a lot) I watched all the episodes in two days! I very much hope that there will be a season two. I got my friends all hooked on this show! Its what we bond over! See, Yona of the dawn is bringing people together xD


2016-07-01 09:20:41

It took me two days too! It's currently 2am where I'm at, and I just finished! This needs to come back!!

Desperate Fangirl

2016-03-15 05:12:20



2016-03-19 15:16:22

First of all, don't post specific date or year for the release date of AkaYona Season2, because the only first to announce it is none other than reliable and legit sources such as Anime News Network/ Crunchyroll and Hana to Yume magazine! don't spread unofficial announcement! Second, keep on complaining and demanding for another season won't help. Making Season 2 is all about money. AkaYon Season 1 is not that successful esp. in Japan, and the manga and DVD sales aren't high. of course producers and sponsors won't risk their money if theres no guarantee that their investments will come back. if you guys really want another season, support the mangaka by buying her manga/DVDs. if you can't afford it, at least be patient. FYI, making an anime and seasons aren't just a piece of cake.


2016-03-27 11:09:46

You know, this is the first useful post I've seen in many places in a long time. So thank you.


2016-04-15 19:48:23

Honestly, as much as I enjoy this series I wouldn't purchase this dvd set not knowing if it will ever end via anime. I don't usually read manga, but it might be warranted to be purchased for this series. Buying the dvd with the series as is, would only highlight the saddness I feel for yet another beautiful thing that is incomplete.

Anime Girl

2016-08-05 19:04:18

This is the most useful comment I have read. Sorry for complaining. I'll be patient.


2016-03-22 04:24:13

I want another season of Yona of the dawn!


2016-03-23 20:40:21

Please bring back yona of the dawn, pleassse!


2016-03-24 14:12:47

It was so good . I mean who wouldn't want another season of yona if the dawn it was filled with hot guys. I can't wait


2016-04-02 00:48:57

Plzzzz make more i need to know what hapens


2016-04-13 04:02:48

Yona of the dawn is a great anime and it would ruin it if there isn't a season 2 there are so many questions that haven't been answered so please bring it back


2016-04-15 19:39:50

It needs to be renewed. This is a poorly titled anime that is vastly under-appreciated. Unlike many anime series, this one does not stoop to airy-headed girls that offer fan service at every turn. The writing on this is superb. I really enjoy the character development and the storyline even keeps you guessing which is rare- because somewhere close to the end of Season 1 you start to wonder who really is the "good guy" yet this series emulates reality much more reliably in that there really is NO "good guy" or "bad guy" even, but a muddled ball of gray neither black or white. I really respect this series and feel it greatly deserves a season 2.


2016-04-16 04:31:31

BRING BACK YONA OF THE DAWN!!! I'm not trying to hear that whole but the manga and everything to support the show so it can be aired. It wasn't until I started watching Naruto for a while before I even started purchasing anything that had to do with the show. So give us a chance to love the show more start airing on actual U.S 4th and I gurantee this show will make it. It is freaking awesome filled with Drama, Action, Love, and Comedy. It is perfect so instead of saying support the show by buying a season dvd that possibly won't be continued, how about they just give us the chance to love it more and supports will definitely start showing.


2016-04-18 20:36:52

Yona of the dawn is amazing, beautiful and also should have a season 2

Pang Jee

2016-04-23 16:11:58

Please bring this anime back. Yona's story has barely just begun!!


2016-04-27 03:55:04

It's not even a quarter of the way done with the storyline yet. It has to keep coming back until it ends with the manga!!!


2016-05-07 23:21:38

oh please, once i found out I was out of episodes ... well i scream. please add more


2016-05-11 07:45:53

This anime is one of my favorites, I've been reading the manga and I'm extremely excited to possibly be able to watch it. Season one ended right as all the characters started devoloping. I hope they bring it back.


2016-05-13 04:30:08

This anime reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi. I know the best way to encourage it would be to buy the DVDs, but then again viewers aren't necessarily prone to buying DVDs for something they're not even sure will get finished... and that's understandable too. I'm torn and I'll wait and hope for a season 2. But it'll be a shame if they don't keep going with this anime. This is a good one. Fushigi Yuugi was one of my favourites... I haven't seen one in that genre that I've really enjoyed since, before this one.

Anime Fan Girl

2016-05-15 05:37:22

I don't care how many season's it takes to make this end a good ending so please bring it back in a second season. I binged watched the first season i was done with it in about two and a half days.

Anime is life ok

2016-05-17 20:44:00

Ok srsly, the way it ended wasn't an ending . It ended with her JUST now getting the dragons so they can't just do that .


2016-05-18 10:14:07

No I can't wait


2016-05-28 23:40:57

This anime was the best! It was thrilling and amazing. I loved every dramatic flare and I'm dying to see how the relationships progress.I need a 2nd session! Bring me new a second season!


2016-05-29 01:23:10

I saw a released date for Yona of the dawn 2nd part, akatsuki no Yona 2nd part which I think it's season two in DVD blue-Ray on Amazon and it's released date will be in July 19th, 2016. :D that's the information I have found. So if there is a second part then that means will be getting a second season here pretty soon maybe somewhere around June or July.


2016-05-29 09:14:29

They are most likely going to bring it back... it left off on a cliff hanger! She found all the dragons yes this is true, but will she go avenge her father? I mean she is only 16 and if she does avenge her father she will become queen and that's a lot of responsibility for a 16 year old. Plus she still has tons of training to do and she most likely will want to get on the kingdoms good side by traveling and talking to them so they will like her and defend her against su won. That's just what I think will happen XD


2016-05-30 01:55:31

I really love "Yona of the Dawn". It is one of my favorite anime and manga of all time and I hope there will be a season 2.


2016-05-30 12:37:08

This story is my favorite of all time, especially the manga, I don't read a lot of manga but after watching this anime I had to go see how the story continued and it makes this anime a thousand times better with all of the plot development.


2016-05-31 17:59:25

I think they should make season 2 for sure.


2016-06-02 09:36:37

I believe it should have another season. The way it ended just showed it was not finished. Even in the intro or beginning of each show, it showed her and the others fighting back and it has not even reached that yet. The plot just started developing and many people wish for it to be finished. So please finish the anime!!


2016-06-12 14:37:32

Pppplllzzz bring back yona of the dawn.i am so in love dat i have been looking for a similar anime but there is none so please and please bring it back.


2016-06-12 22:09:24

It was so tense from beggining to end. We need a second season. This is one of the best anime I have watched and it needs an ending.


2016-06-15 09:11:49

At the end of the last season we meet the blue dragon, Yona already has the white dragon on her side, and we still haven't seen the other two dragons. I mean if they're not even going to show them then why even put them in the story line. Not to mention the theme song.


2016-06-17 11:06:37

They must continue this amazing anime! It had everything a good show needed. The characters had just started developing and the way it ended was just asking for a second season. new hashtag: #bringbackyonaofthedawn


2016-06-20 09:56:25

It's one of the greats! I hope it has a second season soon <3 it would be a shame if it didn't. :'(


2016-06-23 20:41:52

I really liked this anime and would be eexited to see another season with Yona growing stronger and more loved by the people of the kingdom

Keep Anime Person

2016-06-24 07:09:54

Please please please I beg for you guys to make another Yona of the Dawn if not I would be heart broken.


2016-07-01 23:59:38

I've been waiting MONTHS for new episodes to come out. I absolutely LOVE this anime, and it makes me even more curious to what's going to happen next. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release the new episodes soon!


2016-07-04 19:19:19



2016-07-11 10:00:49

I know it takes time to make anime but please make make season 2 I have been waiting patiently and don't rush if your going to make season 2 akatsuki no Yona

Random girl

2016-07-21 09:40:49

Omg. Plz make yona of the dawn season 2. I don't care if you guys renew it I just wanna see what happens. Plz don't let Hak die. And um I really wanna see the battle scene on the second season.


2016-07-25 05:41:58

I think u should make season 2 akatsuki no Yona it just got interesting


2016-07-27 03:04:52

I Believe there should be a season 2. i loved the anime very much! plus they cant leave us hanging. i wanna see what Yona will do about the kingdom!

Buy Merchandise For Yona!

2016-07-27 03:10:47

Guys if you really want Yona of the dawn back BUY THE MERCHANDISE! Such as the manga, Dvds and Etc.... if we do not do this they may not make a new season! i am going to buy the manga right now!


2016-07-28 04:06:00

Please bring Gina of the dawn back please it's soooo good I love the characters and the animation is on point their personality is just great and the plot is amazing


2016-07-28 17:29:19

pleeeese start the episodes from 25


2016-08-06 09:02:12

cepat kluarkan seanson 2nya.!!!


2016-08-08 09:37:44

There needs to be a second season!!!!


2016-08-10 16:25:51

Please bring this back for season 2, Yobas spirit and strength really draws me a picture of female strengths !!!! Plz plz plz >_<


2016-08-12 00:20:05

It is amazing! Plz let me know when the new season is out!


2016-08-22 22:15:53

Please make a Season 2. I want to see what happens between Yona and Hawk. Will Yona realize how he feels, will she fall for him? AHHHH! So frustrating, I want to know what happens next.


2016-09-01 21:28:48

Shame on them if they dont good story


2016-09-02 10:40:54

Great episodes! Please make a second season. I am dying to see the next one!


2016-09-03 10:57:34

I love Akatsuki no Yona or Yona of the Daw. I can't count how many times I rewatch the season 1, I will be so happy if season 2 will come. My heart will be pounding of joy when it happens. And I think I'm Inlove with Son Hak. ❤️❤️❤️Son❤️❤️❤️Hak

Panda butts

2016-09-05 22:44:56

I was watching this when it was getting first released. I have never really read any manga, so i dont really know any series until it becomes an anime. But from the first episide, i feel in live with it. I couldnt handle the one week wait between episode but now its been so long and they haven't announced anything yet. Im literally dying. This was the first anime that i ever cosplayed with (being the 2nd best sinha beside the original if i say so myself). The amount of people who asked for a photo or who just started talking to me about the anime was insane. There was so much love for it so its hard for me to see why it has yet to be continued.


2016-09-05 23:27:14

I'd suffer without knowing how it all ends. Does Yone kill Su-won, does fall in love with Hak?


2016-09-12 07:33:06

I think it NEEDS a second season like how didn't ship yona and hak


2016-10-19 03:02:08

Please bring season 2 I love to watch it


2016-10-26 03:59:43

https://www.change.org/p/pierrot-yona-of-the-dawn-anime-season-3-release?recruiter=617836136&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink This is a link to a petition for season 2! Please support!


2016-10-27 09:30:03

I love this show it really needs a second third and many more seasons to come!


2016-11-06 21:59:26



2016-11-14 05:09:17

Its November 2016 and still nothing


2016-12-03 02:49:01

They should definitely bring a second season to Yawn of the dawn. The characters are great. The plot is intriguing and the manga has so much more story to tell for this anime to even come close to an ending.


2017-02-21 19:11:16

Yes. I do think Yona of the Dawn should be renewed. I had gotten into the story and I enjoy it.


2017-03-29 08:26:20

Yes please.


2017-04-07 20:14:55



2017-06-19 08:40:34

This Anime needs to come back. I fell in love after the first episode and after that I got hooked and have watched it 3 times so far. PLEASE BRING IT BACK


2017-09-02 06:00:25

I can't wait for season 2 if it happens

Mischa DeWalt

2017-09-18 01:41:04

This should definitely be renewed! The manga is ongoing and all of the fans, myself especially, would love to see it in anime form!


2017-10-10 04:14:15

SEASON 2!SEASON 2!SEASON 2 !SEASON 2! is that to much to ask 4/


2018-02-02 23:46:28

I think there should be a new seasons all the way to season 6 or maybe 10 season's


2018-07-07 20:04:25

I can't wait until the season 2 of Yona of the Dawn is released. I had gotten into the story and would love to see how it all continues.
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