Akame ga Kill! season 2

Original name: アカメが斬る!
Country: Japan
Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

Swordsman Tatsumi is no different from a lot of guys from the countryside. The protagonist decides to go to the capital to earn as much money, in order to help his native village, which is starving every year more and more. However, the capital of the hero meets cold. It turns out that the myths about the great life here - it is, indeed, fiction. The capital is not what it was in the representation of Tatsumi, but nowhere to go - you need to fight and make money. The town is steeped in violence, corruption and lawlessness that come from the Prime Minister that he was afraid to appear before the people. Of course, for such a rule and not get the cuffs long business! We all know that "One is safety in numbers." But what to do if you're really all alone? Your enemy - the head of state, or rather the one who administers them and pretends his justice. Can Tatsumi find like-minded people, or everything will remain in place?

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2016-04-11 08:06:44

Are u sure about that, who's to say maybe the totem the major of his town gave Tatsumi wasn't a imperial arms


2016-05-20 07:25:59

It isn't it is a totem from Path-Of-Peace


2016-05-21 22:38:52

what if the totem gives him a seceond chance at life?


2016-06-12 08:14:01

That would be amazing I have a few ideas for season two up my sleeve too.


2016-10-28 21:35:34

We haven't seen that totem since akame slashed it so maybe. But Esdeath took tatsumi somewhere when she died so it maybe unlikely.


2016-11-12 09:37:52

The totem was seen after Tatsumi's death. Akame had it.


2016-12-01 15:59:19

i hope so

Ak Sok Zan

2016-05-05 23:48:29

i just discovered a few days ago myself and binge watched it. also as much as tatsumi was a central character it can be said he's not truly the main character as the anime itself is named AKAME ga kill not TATSUMI ga kill so it can be reasoned if there is a second season it will follow her after the end of the revolution.


2016-07-07 16:33:28

I think tatsumi is like them 2 main characters just like senketsu from kill la kill so he lookedlike main but he was just a side character i discovered that a while ago


2016-08-17 03:56:31

True, I am hopeful for the second season.


2016-09-18 23:37:59

The main character in Akame ga Kill is actually Tatsumi, since he [Spoiler ALERT] in the manga gets a red eye. "Akame" in japanese mean "red eye", and "akame ga kill" literally means "eye became red by killing".

Noob Educator

2016-05-19 01:39:46

If they do make I season 2, I feel like it would be based on the future with the imperial arms that survived, like Tatsumi's, Akame's, Sheele's, etc.


2016-06-06 07:26:00

no there is currently a manga based on akames past and her assassin begins and upbringing, theres no more manga in the "future" for them to base a show off of. everyones dead. too bad so sad. so if there is a season 2 it will most likely 99% sure it will be about that.


2016-08-09 23:35:20

what is the name of the manga presenting akame's life?


2017-03-14 15:34:33

The manga ends differently the don't all die btw


2016-05-20 07:26:59

This anime is great in so many ways... I can never describe how the end is truly fulfilling :D


2016-08-31 20:32:44

Fulfilling? I thought it was awful. They killed off all of the characters! The Manga is way better. You at least get to see tatsumi reach his full potent in the manga. Ugh. The anime ending was so dissapointing and utterly bulls**t.

Blue Red

2016-05-20 08:29:51

They all died in the end except akam and the boss girl


2016-06-15 21:09:49

aktually the boss girl is dead they said in the end that using nebesu shortenend her life spain and she only had a couple days to live so she is pretty much dead


2016-09-06 12:24:54

no, i don't think so, she's still alive, her life span maybe shortened, but it never said she only had a couple days to live.

Justin Lim

2016-05-29 11:51:25

Cant wait for the season 2 to be announced, this is sooooo exciting

tohka yatogami

2016-05-29 12:38:29


Red Eye

2016-05-31 12:05:03

Well the Anime and the manga are not the same. so wont expect to much for this considering what they do to the anime..


2016-06-02 13:42:33

2017 month&Day ?....


2016-06-10 07:42:31

Isn't that whole distribution about season 1 not season 2?


2016-06-13 14:40:15

i dont think that they will make season 2

Vince Lee Park

2016-06-16 03:51:20

Uhhh i Hope u make season 2 and Take back their Live's Please


2016-06-18 22:27:12

are you crazy all died and who said that Summary who you set by talking about akame ga kill not akame ga kill season 2


2016-06-20 01:07:30

WAIT so their is going to be a season 2? or is this a joke, please guys i love this anime, no "funny" remarks please, IS THIS FOR REAL GETTING RENEWED?

greg is her

2016-06-26 03:57:43

How is there a second season if almost every main character died lol or are they going to use an entirely different cast/flashback ova


2016-06-26 09:00:30

How can you have a second season of a show with an 80% death rate for main characters???


2016-07-01 18:05:23

Some imperial arms bullshit, one that revives the dead :3


2016-11-28 10:00:13

Actually, they said in the anime, that there is no such imperial arm. That's when tatsumi wanted to revive his two lost friends, killed by that girl RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING.


2016-06-28 09:41:27

Tbh i rly wish that tsatumi would survive and will still be in s 2 :/ also with blunt cuz he was funniest character :D

Mara DragonClaw

2016-07-05 18:33:07

How can you have a season two when everyone but Akame is DEAD? I kinda get the whole 'imperial arms that can bring back the dead thing', but, what would they be doing if everyone did come back? What problem is left for them to solve? As much as I hope for a season two, I'm just not sure it would work.

Jones the Destroyer

2016-07-06 05:27:32

It has been said that the last 5 episodes of the anime were an original design since manga is still coming out for the series, probably giving them some more room to work with the ending of the first and remaining true to following the manga for the second.


2016-07-20 04:08:23

Tatsumi death was complete crap in the anime


2016-07-20 23:51:48

I'm sooooo happy there is going to be a second season but how they killed of all the characters in the first season:( like Lubbock and tatsumi :( but I'm in for a second season anyway :)


2016-09-22 11:32:18

They should defiently do a fma/fma brotherhood theme where the second season is complety based off the Manga. They both end differently & the anime left out alot of things.


2016-12-18 02:29:37

need this

Hi my name is Jeff!

2016-10-07 16:04:39

Are you sure abaut that, if you are...I cant wait to watch the NEW SEASON!


2016-10-08 18:23:27

This anime is best n need fast season 2


2016-10-10 16:57:31

Akame ga kill!! The best anime for me in indonesia


2016-10-10 17:00:53

I am from Indonesia hope season 2 last


2016-10-28 21:33:11

For those who think the totem tatsumi has will give him a second could be right. But after akame slashed it we haven't seen it since or to my memory that is. And even if the totem does give him a second life, it would be impossible since esdeath took tatsumi somewhere when she was going to die. Who knows maybe they both are still alive, but we will have to wait to see since from what I heard the manga is still on going.


2016-11-01 02:38:44

Maybe Akame left for she could try making that thing tatsumi was saying to get his friends back in one of the early episodes so she has her friends


2016-11-04 16:44:18

What if one of the imperial arms was the resurrection then we can bring back sheele and chelsey and bulat


2016-11-12 00:02:30

This needs to be released, Akame Ga Kill is one of my favorite animes and yeah... :D


2016-12-01 04:56:48

I'm sure the imperial arm the eye thing? I think it can bring people back in life xd I'm noob


2016-12-03 18:20:44

At the end of season 1, which episode 24 there is a cut scene at the about akame saying she made it and something about her future that gives me a good clue for a second season.


2016-12-03 23:38:10

Awesome anime


2016-12-08 12:02:22

season 2 FTW!


2017-01-10 06:37:17

You should put back the team back together


2017-01-18 04:54:14

prove the team is wrong for laughing about the emperior arm that can bring back the lives from the dead


2017-01-18 04:59:13

remember what tatsumi said? that maybe theres an imperior arm that can bring back the lives of the dead. prove them wrong for laughing tatsumi!


2017-01-23 16:03:37

Tatsumi is dead


2017-02-02 14:44:00

thank this anime is very good


2017-02-07 07:11:30

First the boss is going to die so no seeing ber again but Tatsumi might get second chance we don't know so it's akames job to star it again or let it die and live a normal life


2017-02-09 19:22:47

if there is a second season, I hope that they tell more about where tatsumi was taken

kazukai matoi

2017-04-26 01:16:55

I hope this season will not be canceled like kill la kill season 2 was.


2017-05-08 23:16:17



2017-05-08 23:17:37

I hope that Tatsumi is in season 2


2017-05-16 15:03:53

i am very desperately exited for akame ga kill season 2 wonder what we coucd get to see in it just waiting for the season 2 hope it come in this 2017 as soon as possible

austin eafford

2017-07-25 04:50:04

They should have a time traveling imperial arms in this show to help save all the of other Night Raid members or everyone back to life or stop the revolution before it begins.


2017-08-08 21:54:35

Is tatsumi will be revived ???⊙

austin eafford

2017-08-16 13:00:04

They should have a time traveling or granting imperial arms in this show to help save all the of other Night Raid members or everyone back to life or stop the revolution before it begins.

austin eafford

2017-09-18 05:29:25

I sure hope they have a time traveling or a wish granting imperial arms or something in this show to help save all the of other Night Raid members or everyone back to life or stop the revolution before it begins.And I hope it's not the prequel because that's not season 2.


2017-09-20 22:31:57

Akame Ga Kill! Season 2 will be a highly improvised remake of the original manga series. This is the puzzling part = the creators will be coming with a remake of manga series rather than continuing the story for another season. The recent rumors for "Akame Ga Kill" tease that the creators are thinking to come up with an improvised remake of the anime series There are Speculations that season 1 of the anime will be improved and left out fillers from the manga version will be included in the remake version. Also,there are speculations that season 1 finale will also be featured with extra details. It is also rumored that White Fox will make a comeback and will fight with Esdeath in the upcoming remake of "Akame Ga Kill." The remake of the anime is also rumored to showcase the story arc, which was featured in the season 1 but was not explored in great depth titled, "Bolick Assassination Arc." The series is assumed to be announced in fall 2017 and will be premiered in beginning of 2018 This is all that i have found out so far
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