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Ajin season season 2

Original name: 亜人「衝動」/ 亜人 「衝突」
Country: Japan
Director: Seshita Hiroyuki
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

The focus is Kei Nagai, who found that he was immortal and that like him in the world quite a lot. This episode tells us that in general on the planet is 46 immortal man, and Kay randomly became 47. And soon, the guy realizes that such as he hunted and now he, too, is in serious danger.

Do not miss the release of the new series. Although we can not say when the new series will be released, it is still possible to assume that it would be in autumn 2016. Yet it is worth remembering that this is only a tentative date and then everything can change. If you are experiencing the fate of this project and you are wondering what will happen next, then follow the news, which appear on our website. Here you will find many interesting things and read a lot of actual news about the series and movies that interest you.

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2016-04-13 23:45:53

Love it!


2016-07-07 06:25:34

Kik ??


2016-07-15 00:48:06

wtf dude


2016-07-19 14:56:51

But you're dude, man :O

Love ajin

2016-04-17 05:05:52

I really liked the series if there isn't a season 2 that would suck

Also loves Ajin

2016-04-21 23:04:06

Yeah. I hope they make a season 2.


2016-04-26 08:45:00

I want to see Sato take over Japan. He's such a badass antagonist, he reminds me a lot of Master Stick.

I know!

2016-05-08 18:51:21

Sometimes I can't figure out if im against him or with kai lol.


2016-06-19 17:27:08

Really? More like I wanna see Nagai and Nakano kick Sato's ass


2016-09-14 02:48:32

Haha. Ikr. He's a badass! I like them both. I kind of want to take over Japan. I was laughing so scary when he was killing the combat team. It brought out some weird emotions and excitement lol! But anyways Kei Is badass to. I don't mind him stopping him but I want Sato to kill the asshole humans lol.

None of your business...

2016-04-17 11:33:05



2016-05-01 05:27:03



2016-05-25 08:01:51



2016-08-18 15:23:54



2016-04-18 03:03:40

Omg! I love it. New to the anime effect, but overall amazing art, plot and characters. I love the fighting scenes, the mind work that each character contains and the villain couldn't be more entertaining to watch. Can't wait for season 2.


2016-04-18 07:22:22

Im sorry to be this person, but his name is spelled Kei, the japanese language wouldnt allow his name to be spelled Kay. All consonants must be attached to a vowel (with the exception of n) and y is a consonant and not a vowel. Therefore there is no way there would be a y at the end of his name.


2016-04-20 01:04:28

There's two characters kei and Kai you're mixing one of them up just saying

Eleventh ALTernative

2016-07-10 18:11:16

Kei and Kai are two different characters, but the OP did not mention Kai at all... (S)he said "Kay randomly became 47". Kei was the one who became the 47th [known] Ajin. While you are correct that there is a character in the series named Kai who is different than the main protagonist, Kei, no one was mixing up the two.

Joke do

2016-10-06 23:02:33

I actually really want to know what happens to kai


2016-04-20 03:02:43

Thank you. That was bothering me a bit, too


2016-04-20 10:41:37

Theres more mistakes than that. fuck off you weeaboo trash thats whst you have to point out, who givs a shit if its wrong and who gives a shit about you minor knowldhe of the language. Kei and kay no difference. Annoying piece of shit.


2016-04-20 20:31:02

Seeing how you can't even spell your username correctly, I doubt we would care about your opinion lmao


2016-04-26 17:32:15

Actually there is no "y" sound is Kei, only Kay. In Kei, the i extends the sound of the e.


2016-08-09 05:21:22

Actually there is kay can be the short hand response meaning okay however Kei is a name. That is the difference now stop being a dick all they were doing was explaining something, there is nothing wrong with that.


2016-04-24 07:09:54

sorry but the truth is Y is actually a special vowel as it can be a consonant or a vowel. however this has nothing to do with the spelling of his name I am just pointing out because you said Y is not a vowel. it actually is, in the word my it is a vowel in the word yes it is a consonant.


2016-04-24 20:39:29

Y is actually a substitute vowel which is used of words do not contain one, like in the word why.


2016-04-24 20:39:30

Y is actually a substitute vowel which is used of words do not contain one, like in the word why.

Eleventh ALTernative

2016-07-10 18:04:34

That may be true in the English language, but Sociobitch was saying that in the Japanese language it is only a consonant, and never a vowel, which is true.


2016-04-27 21:52:18

Seriously, who cares about how the name is spelled. Get a life. The show was awesome and thats all that matters.


2016-05-28 08:00:40

plus y the fuck should i care whether or not "Y" is a consonant or not.


2016-04-18 12:12:04

Loved it. When is season 2?!!!!!! You can't end it like that. The Hat verses the world and two young Ajin's trying to stop him themselves. I need to see how this unfolds.


2016-05-03 11:07:39

wait till october


2016-04-19 04:05:59

It was pretty good, I'm not a big fan the animation though.


2016-05-20 08:52:36



2016-07-14 10:31:13

I wasn't at first either, but I just took it for what it was and actually came to like it. It's really unique and I think that's what makes the show different from others.


2016-04-19 04:49:13

Sounds so amazing


2016-04-20 03:08:52

It ended on such a high note with no climax! Finish your series you motherfuckers, I need this!


2016-04-27 03:47:35

I agree! I need to see this!

Love anime

2016-04-21 11:12:19

I loved it it was cool


2016-04-21 19:52:56

Great show and plot line. I really hope Kei snaps out of it though in his whole "I don't need anyone" attitude and actually grows bonds with others. Especially his new partner, Kō Nakano, sense they both pretty much on their own and don't have anyone else. It would be nice to see some sort of friendship or brotherly bond form between them. Would also be nice to see Kaito come back as well. But I will agree with others; the animation could be better. But I guess one can heh used to it if they enjoyed the story. Which I did. Hope season 2 comes out soon. That was quite the cliff hanger they left us on

Trashcan Warrior

2016-04-27 15:33:26

I prefer him to stay like that, makes him an actual in depth character rather then just some regular screaming anime hero.


2016-04-27 21:27:02

I agree, and I would like to see kaito come back too!


2016-05-17 02:47:24

Kaito hasn't been around in the manga for awhile either so... who knows. Also, season two was announced to be released in October 2016! Not by netflix, but that will come later


2016-06-30 05:47:40



2016-06-30 05:49:03

Me tooooo!!!! Kiito kid is my favorite anime!!


2016-06-09 04:58:42

I personally like the animation.


2016-04-23 10:53:49

I cant wate ro see what is going to happens

My name is johnathan aquino

2016-04-23 19:02:11

i love anime im hopeing for season 2 of ajin it a good anime plz make part 2


2016-04-23 19:33:21

Ya I'm hoping that they do make another season because so far I like the show if they don't I'd be very pissed because there are several anime shows I've watched and they left it hanging


2016-04-24 14:15:20

Can't wait for the new season!!! Still waiting on another season of attack on Titan, high school of the dead, kill la kill and vampire Knight while we're at it lol.. Just saying


2016-04-24 20:53:26

Really hopeing for a second season this is a great series

alice 17

2016-04-25 02:24:12

i really liked the show and i want a new season but im still not used to the weird animation


2016-04-26 23:41:36

Please have a season 2!

Cam Davis

2016-06-26 11:03:23

I love this Anime I hope Ajin has a season 2 im lossing patients I neeeed this god dammit!


2016-04-27 03:39:18

Comment (at least 5 characters)...cant wait


2016-04-27 08:02:41

This is one of the best animes I've seen! Can't wait for season 2 to be out!!


2016-04-27 13:52:13

Very exciting series. I so hope there will be a second season coming soon.

Bostan Khan

2016-04-27 22:01:35

This Anime was amazing. Just loved it, every single aspect of it!


2016-04-28 14:43:51

I hope that they go with the route of starting the second season 2-3 years later. Reason being 1 assassinating all those figure heads will take time, 2 they will have to find more people for kei's cause. So as the season goes on they do flash backs of such and make a movie of the time inbetween. I just want to see that cold melodic thinking with experience so he could toe to toe. Not some child being like o I have the best ajin I win.


2016-04-29 04:32:54

I need more of this show. I finished the first season too fast.


2016-04-29 06:20:21

I love the anime!! It's one of the vast I've seen an I've seen A LOT. I just hope they continue with season 2


2016-04-30 00:11:05

what about kaito???


2016-04-30 18:25:11

I don't even really watch anime and I finished the season in like a day

Random Person

2016-05-01 03:17:19

His name is spelled 'Kei'.


2016-05-03 03:02:13

Really good


2016-05-08 19:01:23

AJIN, needs a second season. Netflix is pretty good about following up on there originals as long as they have a following. I need to know what happens!!!


2016-05-13 05:20:55

Can't wait for season 2 either.


2016-05-13 09:03:27

This anime is definitely a new favorite!! They'd be doing Netflix a disservice by not making S2 ;)


2016-05-14 03:09:21



2016-05-14 15:46:12

Ajin is amazing, I just finished season 1. Season 2 better be coming


2016-05-14 21:17:32

I can't wait until season 2 is released!

2016-05-16 21:56:46

Netflix could make so much money if they continue making this show! It's gonna be big!


2016-05-17 06:17:09

Yeah for surr


2016-05-18 08:34:52

I fuckin loved this show. When I decided to start watching Netflix thus was the first series I picked. I really hope there is a season 2 cuz I will definitely watch


2016-05-18 21:16:11

Me to I live this anime can't wait for season 2.


2016-05-20 23:27:17

They can't have a cliff hanger like that and not make a season 2 that would be a big middle finger to fans of the show just saying


2016-05-23 00:40:15

I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Ajin's story is so interesting and I love how it's animated. It's so nice to look at! *O* I really hope there's another season !!


2016-05-23 08:20:05

The series was an awesome experience with the CGI and the story behind the Ajin. I found it really interesting and the characters where well made as well so they looked like they knew very little of things, but end up knowing more than most of the characters on the show. Making it like a game of chess. In simple terms, this series NEEDS a 2nd season.


2016-05-27 08:11:18

I really love this anime please make a second season of ajin after watching the first season I came to the fact that this anime is one of my fav's


2016-05-30 11:54:27



2016-05-31 11:42:09

Holy fuck did a retard write that description


2016-05-31 18:27:07

I loved it at first I was like Wat is dis? after that I binge watched all of the episodes Can't wait till season 2!!!

2016-06-01 14:56:51

I'll close my account on Netfilix if there is no season 2

Kei Nagai

2016-06-03 19:31:28

hooray ajuin is awesome!


2016-06-06 01:51:58

Started watching it and loved it since episode 1 got to episode 13 and lost my sh*t when their wasn't a season 2


2016-06-12 01:19:16

I love the ajin it's great I just finished watching all the episodes 06/11/2016 plz make more


2016-06-12 04:15:54

Honestly, I love the anime. A part of me wishes the animation was a bit smoother, but you get what you get right? The manga isn't too bad either, I recommend both, but totally looking forward to (hopefully) a second season :)


2016-06-16 06:51:29

I'm going to be really pissed if they don't do a season 2. Also we need a season 3 of knights of sidionia


2016-06-17 22:34:59

I am really curious to know about the past story of sato,It must be really deep..


2016-06-19 21:33:45

Yo I really need the time thing because I want to watch the anime soon


2016-06-24 07:21:00

Lebrun james


2016-06-25 01:58:22



2016-06-30 22:59:30

I wonder what gonna happen in stage 3 of sato plan.


2016-07-02 16:12:15

When I first seen Ajin in the New Release Anime, I was like hmmmmmmmm. But then right in the beginning of the 1st Episode I was like HELL YA, DRAMA, ACTION, SUPERNATURAL, WHAT A GREAT ANIME SERIES THEY HAVE CREATED


2016-07-05 19:23:13

jfc please let there be a fudge nuggen season two kms~


2016-07-07 03:54:50

I love Ajin so much, it is quite interesting. I haven't read the manga yet but I'm going too, and I'm very excited about the new season, so please make a new one.


2016-07-07 13:46:32

I really hope there is a season2.. I like this anime a lot.


2016-07-13 17:05:02

Please come out with the second season already, I'm addicted


2016-07-14 16:25:43

Even though Kai Nagai is a jerk, I still love him..

Ajin Lover

2016-07-16 07:12:42

There will be a second season of Ajin in fall. This is just a shout out to everyone wondering


2016-07-19 23:01:12

The art style reminds me of RBWY and God Eater. Both great animes! Can't wait for season 2!


2016-07-21 01:25:47

I really really do hope they make another one its one of the best anime very great animation and story I'm in love with this


2016-07-25 03:35:12

I love this anime. So action packed can't wait for the season 2.


2016-07-29 09:39:10

I really thought it was funny that is ajin would do the opposite than he said that was a good twist. I really hope they do make a second season for the joy of the show

Joe nitti

2016-08-03 05:55:04

This is a beast of a anime , lots of sustain and action 10 out 10


2016-08-05 12:29:32

I'm thankful for how hard you all are working. I also really want to watch the second season of Ajin. I hope dearly that it will make it!<3 Hang in there! I'll be waiting till it comes out. Thanks so much.


2016-08-05 12:34:15

I'm truly thankful for all of your hard work. I hope that you guys will make it, for the second season. I'm really excited and I can't wait. Hang in there. I'll be waiting till Ajin second season comes out! Thanks so much!


2016-08-09 02:51:34

I seriously hope there is a second season. My brother and I love it.


2016-08-12 04:13:39

This was an amazing and interesting anime I hope the make a second series I will be waiting. If you haven't watched this I would completely recommend it.


2016-08-16 11:17:02

wtf fag?


2016-08-17 18:55:42

when will season 2 be air


2016-08-22 01:02:13

I love it so much


2016-08-22 14:49:37

I'm not going to lie Netflix is not good with coming out with second seasons, but they had a good run I don't expect them to release a second season. Don't trust Netflix they don't have a lot of drive

Anime Lover

2016-08-23 23:05:53

Hurry up please.

Anime Lover

2016-08-23 23:05:53

Hurry up please.

Die pandu

2016-09-07 13:07:41

Well really liked the anime, soto is a real badass , can't wait for second season !!!


2016-09-08 18:16:05

it will air in Japan October 7th


2016-09-14 10:53:23

Sometimes I wonder that I'm an Ajin , I feel like I am one. :3


2016-09-14 21:56:00

Omg cant wait


2016-09-15 07:26:51

Ajin is baeComment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-09-20 01:13:03

So is the season coming back on in October !!???


2016-09-24 00:22:11

My birthday


2016-10-09 04:13:09

Hello it's October 8 2016 where the fuck is ajin season 2


2016-10-10 20:10:52

Its not on the Netflix in the usa


2016-10-11 04:56:09

Butt, when will the sub come out! It's been like 2 and a half days since it released I Japan! Plzzz tell me!


2016-10-13 20:53:57

Were is it i need it

Regular Guy

2016-11-30 05:41:08

gotta be the best anime i watched in while, i cant wait for season 2 please <3
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