Granblue Fantasy The Animation season 2

Original name: グランブルーファンタジー The Animation Season2
Country: Japan
Director: Yui Umemoto
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Duration: 24 min.

Plot & Details

In Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2, the second season of the anime adaptation of the Granblue Fantasy video game, Gran and his crew continue their breezy adventures through Sky World. After being influenced by the words of the soldiers of the Empire, Lyria believed she was the catalyst for all the calamities and suffering of Grans and Catalina. Without them, it would never have happened - Gran would be a happy captain and Katalina would still be an influential and respected commander. With the idea of ​​never being able to make amends, she shuts herself off from the world trying to escape from the lives of her friends , But thanks to the help of Rosetta and the saintly beast Yggdrasil, Gran Lyria managed to convey his own feelings and that of her crew and to give her back her will to live.

But for a long time they could not enjoy the peace, for Auguste was still in danger from the rampage of Holy Beast Leviathan. As soon as they were back, they had to watch as the inhabitants of the city were overrun by smaller monsters. No time to lose, because not only Auguste had to be saved, also Leviathan needed help! Lucky that they did not have to tackle this fight alone, because old and new friends came to support Gran and his crew in the rescue of August.

With Auguste in safety and Eugen now part of the crew, the Grancypher sets out in the air, because there are still many adventures on Gran, Lyria and Co. When they become the lovable Rosetta, the beautiful Narmaya or her two adventurous friends Mary and Karva meet again on their travels? And what about the secrets surrounding Lyria and Orchid, which seeks to conceal the Empire at all costs?

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