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Try Knights season 1

Original name: トライナイツ
Country: Japan
Director: Senzoku Erisawa, Shunsaku Yano
Genre: Sport, School, Josei
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

In Try Knights, the anime adaptation of the eponymous manga by Shunsaku Yano and Senzoku Erisawa, we follow the everyday life of the high school student Riku Haruma. Day in, day out, Riku sees his classmates, obsessed with their passions on the sports field - they jump as high as anyone else, they run like an animal and do everything for their sport ... One of them is Akira Kariya. Akira is fully committed to rugby, a sport for which the fire of passion burned in Riku itself long ago, but has now gone out, as he did not have the necessary stature. As Riku Akira observes and realizes that he does not quite succeed, he gives him some good tips and hints from his own time without thinking about it.

Not untouched by Riku's collegiality, Akira suddenly shows quite an interest in him and also in Riku himself, the passion for rugby has been inflamed again for a long time. So the two form a team, which allows them completely new tactical maneuvers and lusts them to the top of the high school rugby!

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