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Ni no Kuni

Original name: 二ノ国
Country: Japan
Director: Akihiro Hino
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Role-playing
Duration: 58 min.

Plot & Details

Yu Yu of the calm in the calm, Hull of the basketball club popular, Haru's girlfriend Kotona of three people are high school students and childhood friends. One day Yuu and Haru, who tried to help Cotona who was suddenly attacked by someone, are drawn into the magical world "Nino country" parallel to the real world. There is a world where there is another life that is connected. Gradually, Yu is attracted to the princess of Asano, a princess of Nino that looks just like Cotona. However, there was a cruel rule that "you have to take Asa's life to save Kotna's life"-. I want to save Kotona. Yu who wants to protect Asya. When the that made the life of the important person come close, what is the decision made by the two?

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