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The original name: Leberkäsjunkie
Director: Ed Herzog
Duration: min.
Cast: Sebastian Bezzel, Simon Schwarz, Lisa Maria Potthoff
Genge: Comedy, Crime
Country: Germany
Release date USA: 2019-08-01

Plot & Details

For the provincial police Franz Eberhofer (Sebastian Bezzel) is now over with Leberkäs' and Fleischpflanzerl! His cholesterol levels are as high as his mood in the basement. From his grandmother (Enzi fox), there is only healthy food. For Eberhofer these are untenable conditions. In addition, there is a murder case around a fire, lack of sleep, stinking diapers and stress with his half-ex girlfriend Susi (Lisa Maria Potthoff). When Susi entrusts him with their almost one-year-old son Paul (Luis Sosnowski) for one week, Franz senses his last chance. Now he can finally prove himself as a daddy with Susi! Together with his friends Eberhofer gets the little Paul rocked quite well, but the crime in the otherwise idyllic Niederkaltenkirchen makes him a dash through the bill. How good that there is still Rudi Birkenberger (Simon Schwarz), who is available to help his best friend in nutrition and education issues and, of course, in the investigation unasked with advice and support. A new case for Franz Eberhofer, based on the book series by Rita Falk.

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