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Daddy Issues

The original name: Daddy Issues
Director: Amara Cash
Duration: 88 min.
Cast: Madison Lawlor, Montana Manning, Andrew Pifko
Genge: Drama
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2019-04-19

Plot & Details

Maya (Madison Lawlor) still lives at home and feels that nobody understands her - especially her mother (Kamala Jones). The lesbian artist with a penchant for pink pixie wigs dreams of art school, but so far she finds inspiration only online. Above all, she admires the social media icon and fashion designer Jasmine (Montana Manning) on Instagram. When she finally meets her great role model in reality, the sparks immediately spray. The two land in bed and start a relationship that gives Maya the inspiration to finally pursue her own career. But then she learns that Jasmine has her own plans and is so financially dependent on Sugar-Daddy Simon (Andrew Pifko) that she would never leave. The dream becomes a nightmare for Maya ...

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