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Ashes of Creation

The original name: Ashes of Creation
Developer: Intrepid Studios
Publisher: Intrepid Studios
Platform: PC

Plot & Details

Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG, set in an open world of fantasy, of great dynamism based on a "node system" capable of changing practically everything in the game due to the interaction of the users. These nodes, in particular, represent areas of influence capable of becoming whole cities, depending on their level, through the actions of the player (complete missions, kill monsters, multiplayer games, etc.).

Can I Run Ashes of Creation?

If the game will be released on the PC, then the game at medium settings in the FHD (1980x1080) 30FPS you need a PC with the minimum system requirements. System requirements Ashes of Creation see above.

You can register on site, add Ashes of Creation to your personal waitlist and take part in the construction of the rankings anticipated games 2019. Now the most anticipated game is GTA 6.

System requirements: coming soon

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  Game status

Ashes of Creation release date

  2019 - TBA

Last updated: 2019-05-07   + Add official date

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