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New World

The original name: New World
Genre: RPG, Action, Sandbox, MMO
Developer: Amazon Game Studios
Publisher: Amazon Game Studios
Platform: PC

Plot & Details

In times when most development studios only rely on Battle Royal and other games that promise quick action with a manageable amount of time, New World is a welcome change. The Amazon Game Studios have created with great effort and risk a sandbox MMO that wants to bring back the golden age of the big MMORPGs at least in parts.

By that, New World sets itself apart from most other MMORPGs on the market. Instead of relying on classical fantasy, the developers prefer to stay in the (halfway) real world. Our hero is moving through an alternative 17th century and we are on a secluded continent on our mischief. As weapons we do not rely on magic swords or fireballs, but bows, pikes, battle axes and even rudimentary firearms like muskets.

We are surrounded by hostile nature, mysterious places and of course other players - after all, PvP is the main aspect of the game. Although it is quite possible to try his luck on his own, New World clearly chooses to play together in guilds. These can - if they work well together - occupy entire areas of the map and defend in the fight against other groups. And this is exactly where the focus of New World lies. Quest giver looks for her in the pure sandbox MMORPG in vain.

Can I Run New World?

If the game will be released on the PC, then the game at medium settings in the FHD (1980x1080) 30FPS you need a PC with the minimum system requirements. System requirements New World see above.

You can register on site, add New World to your personal waitlist and take part in the construction of the rankings anticipated games 2019. Now the most anticipated game is GTA 6.

System requirements: coming soon

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New World release date

  2019 - to be announced

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