Kanata no Astra season 1

Original name: 彼方のアストラ
Country: Japan
Director: Masaomi Andou
Genre: Action
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

In Kanata no Astra, the anime adaptation to Kenta Shinohara's manga of the same name, a group of nine students takes center stage. But the nine are not ordinary students of the earth, but they live in 2061 and attend the Caird High School. Space travel is now commercially available and affordable, so students from the Caird High School course are not embarking on a simple school trip on their own home planet, but are simply traveling to another planet. While all the other groups can arrive safely and set up camp, shortly after their arrival, Group B5 makes acquaintance with a mysterious sphere of light that seems to have its own consciousness. This sphere does not get the nine B5 students from me, nothing into space and leaves them 5012 light-years from their home planet. There they find an abandoned abandoned spaceship and now it's up to them to make the most of their situation , To get home on the Astra, they all need to stay strong, manage their limited resources, and above all, demonstrate team spirit!

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Kanata no Astra season 1 release date


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Kanata no Astra season 1
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